Make Life Easier: 10 Essential Apps to Smarten Up Your Phone

Make Life Easier: 10 Essential Apps to Smarten Up Your Phone

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Isn’t it wild that there are over 3 million mobile apps out there? With so many, it can get overwhelming finding the best apps to download. How do you know if they’re any good? Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve narrowed down the list to these top 11 mobile apps that are sure to make your life easier. And even better, they’re all free to download.

1. GasBuddy

Ugh, gas prices, right? Why spend extra money at the first gas station you see, or waste gas driving around looking for a better price? With GasBuddy, a community-based app, you can find which station near you has the cheapest gas. If that weren’t good enough, you can also win daily prizes, like $100 worth of free gas. That makes this one of the best apps for the guy on the go.

2. Aaptiv: Audio Fitness App

Workout at your convenience with Aaptiv. This free-to-download app offers a variety of exercises across different categories. Whether you’re into strength training or yoga, you’ll find something you enjoy. And if you need more than the free level can offer, there are also different subscription options for unlimited access.

3. Elk Travel Currency Converter

Love to travel, but hate figuring out how much things cost in your home currency? Apple Design Award-winning app the Elk Travel Currency Converter has you covered, with a wide range of currencies available. And with the free download, you get five of the most common, including the Euro and the Yen, to start. This is one of the best apps for travelers.

4. Huddle.

We all need help sometimes. Huddle. is an app that helps to destigmatize mental illness by providing a platform for users to support each other. You can join any number of groups depending on what you’re seeking help with. And you can also be there for others by leaving supportive comments.

5. Pacifica

Voted Apple’s Best App of 2017, Pacifica provides tools to help with daily stress, anxiety and even depression. The app can help you meditate, provide health advice and more. One of the best apps out there for someone who’s easily stressed and needs to get centered.

6. Explain Everything

Have you ever tried to explain something but wished you had a whiteboard to draw on? With Explain Everything, all you need is your smartphone or tablet. With screen-sharing functionality and the ability to drag, drop and collaborate, Explain Everything is much better than an ordinary whiteboard.

7. Kitchen Stories

Food: we need it to live, but it can be a pain figuring out what to make. Kitchen Stories can help, with its step-by-step photo instructions and how-to videos showing you how to make delicious, easy-to-cook recipes. There’s even a “20-Minute Dishes” section for the guy with little time to spare.

8. Momento

Make your own memes with Momento GIF Maker. Momento offers a variety of filters, stickers and visual effects to make your memories into sharable memes. Now you can haz cheezburger!

9. Grailed

Grailed is a peer-to-peer marketplace for fashionistos who love to buy and sell luxury menswear. With this app, it’s possible to find rare items from bands like Supreme, Gucci and more, all without breaking the bank. One of the best apps for the guy who likes to wear the finer things.

10. Hornet

Finally, our list of essential mobile apps wouldn’t be complete without the world’s premier gay social network. Allowing queer men to connect in meaningful ways, Hornet is so much more than a grid of guys. You’ll also find our original, thought-provoking content in the app itself, as well as our Hornet Places database that helps you locate bars, parties and other queer spaces worldwide.

What are your favorite free mobile apps? What do you think are the best apps out there? Let us know below.

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