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10 Essentials the Modern Single Guy Needs to Make His Bedroom Banging
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10 Essentials the Modern Single Guy Needs to Make His Bedroom Banging

Written by Charles Thompson-Wang on May 20, 2018
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A proper bedroom for the modern single guy should be more than just a bed, nightstand and lamp. The bedroom is where you spend some of the best moments of your life, and it should look sexy and sophisticated, just like you. With these 10 essential items, you’ll make your bedroom a reflection of yourself.

1. A stylish stereo sytem

single guy bedroom bluetooth speaker

The modern single guy is always up on modern technology This sleek-looking Bluetooth speaker offers crisp, clear sound as well as a deep bass response. Combining a retro, utilitarian design with outstanding sound quality — it will fit in with any decor. $249, 

2. Framed David Bowie print

modern singe guy bedroom davie bowie frame

David Bowie is timeless. This gorgeous print from Sonic Edition of the late superstar is not only a great conversation starter, it shows you have exquisite taste. $500, 

3. Leather tray

single guy bedroom leather tray

This uniquely shaped minimalist leather tray with topstitching detail, is the perfect place to store your keys and loose change. $165, 

4. Heart sculpture

single guy bedroom sculpture

We ? this pewter sculpture. It goes nicely on the nightstand, showing off a softer side of our modern single guy. $49,

5. Unicorn pyropet candle

single guy bedroom unicorn candle

Of course, the modern single guy has a sense of humor — and this unicorn-shaped candle is the best way to show it off. New, it’s an angular unicorn with sleek lines; but as you use it, the wax melts away revealing its skeleton. $41, 

6. Original Polaroid set

Not just a great prop for your bedroom, this I-1 camera is fully functional. Modern technology comes with the classic Polaroid design to make a truly amazing conversation piece. $299, 

7. Viagra brass pill box from Jonathan Adler

single guy bedroom pills box

Let’s not beat around the bush — your bedroom needs a bit of sexy cheek, and this brass pill box from Jonathan Adler will do the trick. And it keeps your medication safe, too! $198, 

8. Watch-winder from Wolf

single guy bedroom watch winder

Even though we rarely need them to actually tell time anymore, there’s something truly stylish about the classic wristwatch. If you’ve got a collection of timepieces, you’ll definitely want to get this exquisite Viceroy watch-winder from Wolf. Not just a beautiful case, it features two winding modules so you’ll be able to keep the time no matter which watch you wear. $959, 

9. Charging Docks

single guy bedroom chargers

You need to keep your devices charged, but why settle for ordinary docks? Not when there’s an option like this masterwork of polished black marble and aircraft-grade aluminum. $260, 

10. Snoopy With Heart figurine from Baccarat

modern single guy bedroom snoopy figurine

While the modern single guy is sleek and stylish, he’s also a hopeless romantic. This adorable Snoopy figurine shows the world that while he may be single, he’s ready for love. $360, 

Did we miss anything that’s essential to the modern single guy’s bedroom? Let us know in the comments.



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