Is This Naked Gay Speed Dating Event in London the Height of Ridiculousness?

Is This Naked Gay Speed Dating Event in London the Height of Ridiculousness?

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Have we, the gay community, officially reached peak ridiculousness? That’s a question I’m seriously asking myself, having stumbled across this naked gay speed dating event taking place in London on — of all days — Valentine’s Day 2019.

Ask any gay man: dating ain’t easy. So in an attempt to presumably make the process a little more fun normal scary ridiculous, this naked gay speed dating event will see guys attempt to meet the man of their dreams … after meeting his meat and two veg.

Truthfully, it’s an arrangement that doesn’t sound all that different from meeting up with a guy through an app that’s allowed you to see every inch of his naked body. We only question whether it can still be called “dating.” Maybe “bod-shopping” is more accurate.

Here’s how this naked gay speed dating event is supposed to go down:

On arrival to our venue in Balham, eager speed daters will be given dressing gowns to change into.

From here on in, all guys in attendance will line up facing one another and then reveal themselves to each other. Exactly how much you choose to reveal is entirely up to you, so don’t be deterred! We are operating a clothes-optional policy, so for the more frivolous you can choose to bare all, or if you prefer, you can keep your underwear on.

After the big reveal it’s time to get dressed and compose yourself, grab yourself a well-earned drink just before the speed dating begins! The fun begins here as you get to mingle, chat and flirt with the gorgeous bunch of guys you’ve just seen naked.

But why does the event revolve around nudity? Well, the event producers offer an explanation for that as well:

If you’ve ever tuned into Channel 4s Naked Attraction, you’ll understand the science behind it. Here’s why….

The selection and attraction of a suitable mate is one of fundamental importance to all species, both in the animal kingdom and with humans, too. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that in the world of dating the same kind of attraction and science applies.

So just like Naked Attraction, which features men and women selecting from a range of potential dates, entirely naked, our brand-new gay naked speed dating will do the same.

What do you think? Do you buy it?

If you’re interested in this gay naked speed dating event, head here for more info. But just in case you’re younger than 23 or older than 35, you won’t be allowed to participate.

The event’s info page doesn’t explain why this speed dating is reserved for Millennials and Gen Z participants, but it’s yet another reason we find ourselves asking, Have we, the gay community, officially reached peak ridiculousness?

Would you attend a gay naked speed dating event? Why or why not?

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