This Statue of Trump as a Naked Serial Killer Clown Is Looming Over L.A.

This Statue of Trump as a Naked Serial Killer Clown Is Looming Over L.A.

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You may remember the naked Trump statues that went up around the United States two years ago. The collective behind them, INDECLINE, just released its followup project with a variation on the theme. This time, however, there’s only one statue — a nearly naked Trump clown, placed on a billboard. Behind him is one of the most infamous quotes from serial killer John Wayne Gacy, “A clown can get away with murder.”

On Friday, at approximately 2 a.m., five INDECLINE artists painted over a Blue Moon beer billboard at the corner of Melrose and North Martel in Los Angeles. Armed with rollers, they covered the billboard in blue paint and painted the quote in large pink letters. The Trump clown statue, which also had the quote on its base, was placed on the left side, painted as Gacy’s clown character Pogo the Clown.

John Wayne Gacy as Pogo the Clown

Before news of his crimes broke, John Wayne Gacy was seen as a pillar of his community, involved in local politics and running a successful landscaping service. He also was a clown, performing as two different characters, Pogo the Clown and Patches the Clown, though Pogo is the more (in)famous one.

Gacy, however, also sexually assaulted teen boys, and in 1972, started murdering them as well. He was arrested in 1978, and ultimately charged with 33 counts of murder. Before his arrest, he told one of the investigating detectives, “You know … clowns can get away with murder.”

The Trump clown statue, courtesy of INDECLINE

According to an INDECLINE spokesperson, the inspiration came from Trump’s infamous 2016 quote that he could “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

During INDECLINE’s research for a follow up project to the naked Trump statues, the group discovered the Gacy quote, and had the idea to mash the two up.

There are a couple differences between the earlier art project and this one. This is the only billboard that has been altered, whereas the naked Trump statues were placed in five cities across America. And this time, Trump’s not naked. In addition to the pom pom clown hat, he’s also wearing a tiny g-string with a clown-nose on it.

Watch the official INDECLINE video of the naked Trump clown statue being made:

How long do you think the naked Trump clown statue will stay up?

Featured image courtesy of INDECLINE

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