This New Hornet Merch Lets You Spruce Up Your Home (and Your At-Home Style) During This #GreatGayStayIn

This New Hornet Merch Lets You Spruce Up Your Home (and Your At-Home Style) During This #GreatGayStayIn

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If you’re like me, you’re using your time in #LGBTQuarantine — what we’ve been referring to on Hornet as the #GreatGayStayIn of 2020 — as not just a time to bemoan the news (yeah, it’s depressing) and raid the fridge (well, I am still doing that), but as an opportunity. Like many people attempting to ward off Coronavirus, I’ve found that being stuck at home has offered me the time to finally take on some of those projects I’ve shrugged off for so long. Personally, I’ve started creating art again, have decided to re-learn Italian and I got around to a project I’d surrendered to procrastination for months: an overhaul on the design of my home bathroom. (I just wanted something new, ya know?) And if any of you guys are looking to do something similar — say, add a few new gay touches to your home décor — there’s some new Hornet merch that will let you do just that.

Hornet has partnered with New Urban Male, a Taiwan-based online boutique that specializes in fun apparel and products for gay men, to create new Hornet merch for our users. Among the products available in New Urban Male’s online store are T-shirts, phone cases and — our current faves — shower curtains and pillowcases that are sure to look great in your own bathrooms and living rooms.

Just check out some of this new Hornet merch, available for purchase now:

Hornet’s new line of colorful tees make for perfect loungewear while we’re all stuck at home. Get one with the Hornet logo, “Love Is Love” or the word “Rainbow.”

We’re loving these shower curtains, available in five designs, including the Hornet logo, “Rainbow,” “Love Is Love,” “Boys Boys Boys” and a collection of all our super cute Hornet emoji.

There are also five designs for these new Hornet merch phone cases, available for all current iPhone models.

And last but not least, there are pillowcase designs perfect for the living room or bedroom. Each pillowcase features one of four designs on the front — the Hornet logo, “Rainbow,” “Love Is Love” or the Hornet emoji — and the rainbow flag on the back.

Head here to shop for all this new Hornet merch created in collaboration with New Urban Male. And save 5% on your order when you use the discount code HSTYLE at checkout. Happy shopping!

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