Survey Finds Most Men Would Choose to Die a Full Decade Early Rather Than Go Vegetarian

Survey Finds Most Men Would Choose to Die a Full Decade Early Rather Than Go Vegetarian

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Toxic masculinity is undoubtedly a serious problem for both men and women alike, but sometimes it presents itself in such a ridiculous manner that the only thing we can do is laugh — while trying not to cry. So here’s the latest statistic we absolutely hate: three quarters of men would rather die a decade early than stop eating meat, according to a “No Meat May” survey.

No Meat May, an Australian campaign that encourages people to completely give up meat for the month of May, commissioned the survey. Out of 1,000 people polled, 47% considered meat to be a “masculine undertaking.”


Co-founder Ryan Alexander says, “What was perhaps most shocking, was that 73% of male respondents said they’d rather reduce their life expectancy by up to 10 years than give up eating meat, with three-quarters of men not convinced of the health benefits of a meat-free diet, despite the mounting evidence to the contrary.”

Although 81% of those surveyed admitted to caring about the environment, 79% said they would not stop eating meat in order to help it. The effects of factory farming and eating animal products on climate change, as well as on our own bodies, have been researched for many years. “Yet our survey alarmingly shows that Australian men are either not aware of any of these facts, don’t believe them, or simply don’t care,” he says.

Multiple studies have shown that many men consider caring about the environment to be a feminine undertaking. This is depressing for a number of reasons, but mainly because caring about issues like our planet not dying shouldn’t be gendered.

Since its inception in 2013, No Meat May has strived to challenge and educate folks on the four big reasons we should try to eliminate meat from our diets: our health, the environment, other animals and food security.

Alexander believes “it’s time to step up and reject outdated and damaging gender stereotypes around food.”

Where do you land in the No Meat May survey? Would you rather die a decade younger or stop eating meat?

Image at top: Oliver Sjöström on Unsplash

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