#ThisWeekInThirst: Jock Sniffers, Nyle DiMarco’s Pride Shoot and the Science Behind Sex With a Peach

#ThisWeekInThirst: Jock Sniffers, Nyle DiMarco’s Pride Shoot and the Science Behind Sex With a Peach

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The temperatures are rising both outside, and right here in front of your screen. From a new Man of the Month in Brazil to a sleazy 4th of July fashion collection featuring everyone’s favorite ho with a heart on, Wesley Woods. We also saw a Gain commercial bring jock sniffing to the forefront of the American public. And a Nyle DiMarco pride shoot that’ll leave you signing for joy.

Click on the titles below for the full story, and enjoy this thirst roundup!

Brazil’s #HornetGuy for July Doesn’t Let His Disability Get in the Way of Living His Life

“The idea of being fetishized is very present, the whole time I’m seen that way. I understand that people have fetishes and sex with someone who has an amputated leg is just another one of them. But that doesn’t shake me.”


L.A. Is a Queer Utopia Throughout July Thanks to the ‘Dirty Looks’ Arts Festival

“If you look back, many cities have uprisings that pre-date Stonewall, sometimes significantly, as with L.A.’s Cooper’s Doughnuts. L.A. is clearly in a cultural moment where its significance is becoming a bit more center stage at present. So if this project helps to clarify some historical aspects to help us get there, I’m all in!”


This Gay New Yorker Was Kicked Out of Planet Fitness for Sporting a Crop Top

Everyone with a Planet Fitness membership, head over in a crop top today!


The New Issue of ‘Elska’ Features Some of L.A.’s Most Talented Gays in Their Natural Habitat (Photos)

Some true L.A. cuties.


The Web Is Freaking Out: This Gain Commercial Is Training Kids to Be Jock-Sniffing Sex Pigs

Take a deep, deep breath and enjoy— this commercial.


Watch Sex Educators React To Hollywood Sex Scenes



Israeli Pro Wrestling Champ Rixon Ruas Just Came Out, and We’re Celebrating With His Sexiest Pics

“If I had a gay role model as a young wrestler, the fears I’ve had in the past would have been avoided.”


Celebrate July 4th Right With the Sexy and Sleazy Fashions of Marek+Richard

Nothing says Fourth of July like covering your buns in mustard and ketchup.


From Keiynan Lonsdale to Kurt Cobain, These 7 Male Celebrities Know How to Wear a Dress

Gender is a construct, y’all.


This Photographer Decorates the Male Nude with Flowers

I bloom, just for you.


This Soccer Player Just Came Out, Making Him the Only Openly Gay Pro-Sports Player in the U.S.

“I have been out as a gay man for many years to my family and friends and this includes my teammates. … I have received only kindness and acceptance from everyone in Major League Soccer (MLS) and that has made the decision to come out publicly that much easier.”


One of Queen Elizabeth’s Bodyguards Has a Gay Porn Past, and We Love That No One Seems to Mind

Let’s end the stigma around porn, one hunk at a time.



This Nyle DiMarco Pride Shoot Will Have You Howling in Sign Language

I think we might need another Pride parade for this photo shoot alone.


Did this Nyle DiMarco pride shoot tickle your fancy? Were the flower-covered hunks enough to get you blossoming? Let us know your favorite thirsty story this week.



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