Our 5 Current Obsessions: A Must-Have Obama Beanie and a Twisted-Yet-Tasty Mustard Pizza

Our 5 Current Obsessions: A Must-Have Obama Beanie and a Twisted-Yet-Tasty Mustard Pizza

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If you miss our 44th President as much as we do, Supreme has a new Obama beanie to treasure. Are you always on the hunt for a new culinary experience? Then you must try this bizarre yet delicious Detroit-style pizza from New York City. From the latest fashion to new gadgets, here is our list of this week’s current obsessions.

1. Hoverwheel

Who needs a hoverboard when the Hoverwheel is so much easier to use?The Hoverwheel is a modular self-balancing vehicle, letting you navigate streets quickly. A motorized wheel fits directly under your foot, and each unit is a compact, self-contained module. This innovative design gives riders a greater freedom of movement. Price upon request, hoverwheel.com 

2. Human Wak-a-Mole

You and your friends can work out your aggression with this inflatable Human Wak-a-Mole kit. The rules of the game are simple: just try to get as many balls as you can while whacking your friends with an inflatable hammer. It’s mindless fun with your pals and a great stress reliever after a long week of work — not to mention a safe way to work out your aggression against your frenemies. $2,200, ezinflatable.com 

3. Mustard Pizza

Move over, pineapple — there’s a new weird pizza topping in town. Instead of a  tomato sauce base, the New York pizzeria Lions and Tigers and Squares makes their Detroit-style pizza with spicy mustard. Topped with corned beef, sauerkraut and cheese, this new pizza will no doubt clear out your sinuses. Inquire at lionsandtigersandsquares.com 

4. Självständig Collection from Ikea

This capsule collection from Ikea is anything but basic. The Självständig, or Independent Collection, offers products that are unique, with loud aesthetics and bold colors. You’ll find metal chairs and yellow cone-shaped pillows. While they might not be for everyone’s tastes, if it’s yours, you’ll immediately fall in love. This collection also allows people to modify, play with and build upon what Ikea has created. Available in October, starting at $5.00, ikea.com

5. Obama Beanie by Supreme

Yes, we know exactly how you feel. We miss our 44th President as much as you do. To capture this sentiment, Supreme launched an Obama beanie this week honoring Trump’s charismatic predecessor. Sadly, the Obama beanie is already sold out at supremenyc.com, but you can try your luck on sites like eBay. $32 and up, eBay and other auction sites.

Are you going to try your luck finding an Obama beanie?

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