All Oral Sex is Gay, Warns Batsh*t Crazy Radio Host

All Oral Sex is Gay, Warns Batsh*t Crazy Radio Host

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Anal sex is totally gay, despite the fact that millions of heterosexuals engage in it. Oral sex is gay, too, no matter who’s giving or receiving.

These truths were imparted by leading anti-LGBTQ activist Linda Harvey in her latest column for, which decries comprehensive sex education in public schools.

“Let’s not forget the deadly contribution of ‘LGBTQ’ advocates who demand ‘inclusive’ sex ed — i.e., lessons that outline in detail how kids can engage in anal and oral sex, the sex practices of homosexuals,” writes Harvey, who has a radio show in Columbus, Ohio. “These lessons often encourage masturbation and pornography use.”

Calling the gay community’s influence “despicable,” she adds that its goal is the “mental and moral corruption” of children.

STD rates are on the rise in America, but Harvey’s plan to combat them is to keep young people ignorant.

“Think of the incongruity of middle schoolers (ages 11-13) trapped in progressive, X-rated sex ed classes, who dutifully learn there is no need for sexual self-restraint,” she bemoans. “As a result, many begin early to experiment with practices that mar their healthy young bodies, sometimes for life. This crucial fact is withheld or minimized as our precious kids are encouraged to engage ‘safely’ in anal, oral and vaginal sex at younger and younger ages. What kind of wicked adults do this to kids?”

Harvey’s group, Mission:America, has been labeled an anti-LGBTQ hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. According to Harvey, its goal is to equip Christians “with current, accurate information about cultural issues such as feminism, homosexuality, education and New Age influences.”

Linda Harvey oral sex
Linda Harvey warns “anal and oral sex [are] the sex practices of homosexuals.”

She sees gay warning signs everywhere: Last year she warned parents that sending their sons to sleepovers or overnight camp could lead to “homosexual hook-ups.”

“Opportunity is everywhere that students of the same sex gather or socialize, and it’s one reason homosexuality has traditionally been taboo at schools, camps and youth organizations,” she says.

But America’s “burgeoning and increasingly fascist ‘gay rights’ movement” isn’t the only enemy in her crosshairs: Harvey’s 2008 book Not My Child; Contemporary Paganism & New Spirituality warned that “casual occultism permeates youth culture.”

In March, she revealed homosexuality was God’s punishment for abortion.

“One has to consider, first of all, the horrifying possibility that this complete sexual and human identity meltdown could be an aspect of God’s judgment on us for aborting millions of our children,” she told attendees at the Bringing America Back to Life Convention. “It is very possible that, as an instrument of God’s judgment, He is using the punishment to come on us through our children, the corruption of our children.”

What do you think of this Christian radio host’s take on oral sex?

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