Our 5 Current Obsessions: Martini Popsicles and the Peach-Scented ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Vinyl

Our 5 Current Obsessions: Martini Popsicles and the Peach-Scented ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Vinyl

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Let’s say you can’t afford the nine-day Call Me By Your Name tour of Italy (guilty). Well, you can at least relive the movie through a special peach-scented vinyl copy of its stellar soundtrack. And if that vinyl isn’t enough nostalgia for you, we’ve found a mechanical keyboard (I think those used to be called “typewriters”?) that’ll surely have you longing for the good ol’ days. And, finally, relive the tasty iced treats from your childhood — but with an adult twist — courtesy of martini popsicles from Skinny Freezers.

From retro to modern, here are this week’s current obsessions.

1. Skinny Freezers vodka martini popsicles

This summer’s going to get hot, and we’re so down with these vodka martini poopsicles. Skinny Freezers make it easy to sip a cocktail by the pool. They come in four mouthwatering flavors: Cosmo, Watermelon Lemonade, Appletini and Lemon Drop. Best of all, they’re low-calorie, which means you can have as many vodka martinis as your liver can handle. 12 per pack, $27, hitimewine.net 

2. RS-0 Puma x Sega Collaboration

If you’re looking for a way to up your running speed, what better way than to look to the patron saint of going fast, Sonic the Hedgehog. The new RS-0 Sonic sneaker, a collaboration between Puma and Sega, is inspired by everyone’s favorite (and possibly the only) blue hedgehog, complete with gold rings along the Formstrip (yep, that’s what that’s called). $130, us.puma.com 

3. The Call Me By Your Name soundtrack on peach-scented vinyl

We couldn’t get enough of the soundtrack throughout Call Me By Your Name, and thanks to the Dutch label MusicOnVinyl, we can now get the soundtrack on pressed wax. Better still, the album comes on two peach-colored records housed in a peach-scented sleeve. There are only 14,999 individually numbered copies available. They go on sale in August, so you’d best head to MusicOnVinyl.com for info.

4. Rymek retro-inspired mechanical keyboard

As if that CMBYN vinyl wasn’t enough nostalgia, we can’t get enough of this amazing mechanical keyboard. From Rymek, it supports all operating systems, and it works well with most devices. It’s got saddle-shaped keys that give you that satisfying “click” as you type. It’s also backlit, so you’ll be able to work on your the next Great American Novel through the night. $99, knewkey.com 

5. Stretch mesh briefs

Like we said, it’s going to be a hot summer, so it’s a good thing there are things like these stretch mesh briefs in the world. Code 22’s latest design is sourced entirely from European materials and is breathable, meaning that while everyone else is sweating down below, you’ll be cool and comfy. $43, code.22.eu

Are you ready to raise a toast with martini popsicles and peach-scented vinyl wafting through the air? Sound off in the comments below.


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