Does Hand and Foot Size Actually Tell You How Long Someone’s Penis Is?

Does Hand and Foot Size Actually Tell You How Long Someone’s Penis Is?

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If you’ve watched Pee-Wee’s Playhouse growing up, you may remember this clip:

But is it true? When someone has big feet do they really have… big boots? Or rather, does the size of your feet say anything about the size of your penis?

Well, the folks over at the YouTube channel Today I Found Out decided to take a look at that very question.

The short answer is no. The length of a hand or a foot generally doesn’t have any correlation with the length of the same man’s erect penis. So, Cowboy Curtis tells the truth — big feet do mean big boots … but that’s it.

As far as hands go — all is not lost! While general hand-size has nothing to do with penis length, a study did determine the ratio between the lengths of your index finger and your ring finger does correlate with penis size.

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Oddly enough, however — the lower the ratio, the longer the penis. So if you’re a size queen, look for dudes with short index fingers and long ring fingers.

If you want to figure out your own ratio — or if you want to figure out a sneaky way to take someone else’s finger measurements — measure your fingers from the fold where the finger meets the hand to the tip. Simply divide your index length by your ringer finger length, and you’re good to go.
The video gets into the full reasons why this happens — but the short version is that it has to do with the hormones released while you’re in the womb. But in general, women’s index fingers are usually the same length or longer than their ring finger, while men’s index fingers are usually shorter.

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Oddly enough, the ratio between the length of these two fingers can also predict other things about you. Lower ratios can mean that you’re likely more aggressive; higher ratios suggest you’re more friendly.

Some studies even suggest that the finger ratio can determine whether you’re likely to be gay or straight — though it’s generally more clear in women. Women with a lower finger ratio, are more likely to be lesbian. In men, though, there hasn’t been any clear consensus on the link between finger ratio and sexual orientation.

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