This Man Got a Huge Payout From the Hospital That Ruined His Penis

This Man Got a Huge Payout From the Hospital That Ruined His Penis

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In March 2013, Andrew Lane lost the vast majority of his penis due to a flesh-eating bacterial infection. He sued the hospital where he caught the infection (understandably), and this week the penis settlement was reached. Though the final amount of money Lane is receiving is undisclosed, the sum is reported to be in the six-figure range.

Andrew Lane and his wife Sue, courtesy of Slater and Gordon/PA Wire

Andrew Lane, a 63-year-old man from the United Kingdom, underwent surgery at Southend University Hospital to remove his prostate gland in March 2013. Lane had previously been suffering from prostate cancer; the surgery was intended to help with that. Unfortunately, the surgeons accidentally punctured Lane’s bowel and didn’t notice the injury until six days later.

By then, infection had set in — he had the potentially fatal bacterial infection called necrotizing fasciitis, better known as flesh-eating bacteria. By the time surgeons intervened, the infection had eaten most of his penis and a large amount of tissue covering his stomach.

Lane’s stomach area after the bacterial infection.

After the new surgeries, he was left with only an inch-and-a-half of his penis. The removal of the infected stomach-area tissue also left him looking “nine months pregnant.” Lane can no longer have sex and is incontinent.

He told Newsweek, “I’ve not had an apology and knowing that just a scan a few days earlier would have prevented all of this is very difficult to accept. I’ll never get my health back, and I just want other people to be aware of how dangerous this flesh-eating bug is. If you don’t feel you are getting the right treatment, you have got to speak out.”

Though the details of the penis settlement are undisclosed, it’s reported that the Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has paid him a sum in the six-figure range.

What do you think about Andrew Lane’s penis settlement? Would six figures be enough to satisfy you were your penis mutilated?

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