Just for Fun, This Runner Uses GPS Apps to Draw Penises All Over Town

Just for Fun, This Runner Uses GPS Apps to Draw Penises All Over Town

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Who says working out can’t be fun? And what’s more fun than penises, right? There’s perhaps no better example of having fun with penises while getting exercise in than @dick_run_claire, who likes to use running apps to draw penises.

The penis-drawing-while-running reportedly started as an accident, says Claire, who sat down with Vice recently to discuss her quirky habit. During a run around Thanksgiving years back in Kansas City, she lost. When she founder her way back and took a look at the GPS tracker she’d been using, she noticed that her run course looked just like a penis!

Ever since then, Claire has made a habit of drawing penises on running apps.

“I love looking for dick run routes,” she says. “Honestly, I just love running. It’s my favorite way to get a workout in — and drawing a giant dick across a town is really just a bonus.”

For proof of how much Claire enjoying drawing penises with her sneakers, just check out her Instagram account (which currently boasts nearly 20,000 followers). It’s chock-full of penises — some big, some small, some thin, some fat. Most have the testicles in tact, too.

“The worst is when I get caught up in a run, miss a turn and ruin the drawing,” Claire says. “Then I have to go back and do it again later.”

One thing Claire didn’t really expect was that fans of her work would follow in her footsteps. She says that these days some fans like to send her snapshots of their own penises drawn via running apps.

The next big goal Claire has decided she wants to tackle is a penis drawn by running apps in all 50 of the United States.

Check out some of our favorite penises drawn via running apps below:

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