Found on Fire Island: An Archive of 200+ DJ Sets From the ’80s and ’90s

Found on Fire Island: An Archive of 200+ DJ Sets From the ’80s and ’90s

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Following the purchase of a home on Fire Island, New York, an unexpected find has proven exciting for all sorts of music lovers but especially LGBTQ aficionados. Dubbed the Pine Walk Collection, it’s an archive of more than 200 tapes containing DJ sets from various nightclub events that took place on Fire Island and in New York City during the ’80s and ’90s. (Check out the archive here.)

Best of all, these DJ sets have been made available for anyone to stream.

According to the Mixcloud page where the Pine Walk Collection is being shared online, the tapes are currently undergoing a careful digitization and remastering process. (The Mixcloud page also notes that it has received permission from all of the living DJs whose sets are included in the archive.)

These DJ sets reportedly span from 1981—1999, a date range that covers some hugely important eras in LGBTQ nightlife and music culture.

Among the names responsible for these vintage DJ sets are Joe D’Espinosa, Giancarlo, Teri Beaudoin, Michael Fierman, Michael Jorba, Richie Bernier and more.

Some of the venues and events where they were recorded include the Moonshadow and The Pavilion (1980–2004) dance clubs, the annual GMHC Morning Party, the Presidents Soirée, and the White Party in Fire island; and NYC venues like The Danceteria (1979–1986) and The Saint (1980–1988), including some DJ sets from The Saint at Large Black Party.

The sets themselves are mostly tagged as deep house, with some vocal house, electronica and disco DJ sets included in the archive.

Fire Island, off the southern shore of Long Island, has been an important refuge for the LGBTQ community, especially gay men, for many, many decades. (Oscar Wilde stopped through all the way back in 1882!) The summer resort is particularly renowned for its party scene, documented so perfectly in the unearthed Pine Walk Collection.

Give a listen to the Pine Walk Collection’s archive of DJ sets here.

Images: Fire Island Pines Historical Preservation Society

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