The Ultimate Pool Party: 10 Items Sure to Make a Big Splash

The Ultimate Pool Party: 10 Items Sure to Make a Big Splash

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As Glenn Frey once sang, the heat is on! It is time to bust out your swimsuit, invite your squad over and have a pool party. But to throw a memorable pool party, you’ll need more than just water guns and fun floaties. These items, though, will make sure it’s a party your friends will never forget.

1. Buzz Pop Cocktails

Enjoy your favorite cocktail by the pool with with Buzz Pop Cocktails. Packed with wild flavors and premium alcohol, enjoy a refreshing Moscow Mule or Southern Belle in a super-delicious push-pop. The treats come in 8-packs and are also vegan-friendly, so all of your friends can enjoy them. $100, 

2. Fridge beverage dispenser

It’s important to stay hydrated, and we’re not just talking about staying in the pool. This retro mason jar-style dispenser will help you stay fresh and cool in style. And we suppose, you don’t have to fill it with water… $40,

3. Bobber pool float

We’re pretty sure everyone’s fantasized about befriending merfolk. Now you can fulfill that fantasy with these mermaid bobber pool floats. The over-three-foot-tall mermaids float upright and endlessly bob like a dancing queen. $69, 

4. Outdoor grill

It’s not a pool party without grilled burgers and hot dogs. (And grilled cauliflower for those vegan friends we mentioned.) This LaToscana Palazzaetti old-school charcoal grill features a fireplace in the rear and an adjustable cooking grill. $276, 

5. Land Shark

This two-piece work of art doesn’t just fit nicely in your backyard; it’s also a great conversation piece. $180, 

6. Portable VR camera

When your pool party is this awesome, you’ll want to make sure to record it for posterity. But don’t just settle for normal pictures; this lightweight and affordable camera can take 360-degree videos. Best of all, it’s portable and water-resistant. $70, 

7. Pitcher

Why settle for the ordinary when you can serve your guests mixed drinks from this adorable whale pitcher. $98, 

8. Chime

The wind chimes always create a peaceful atmosphere. These multi-colored jellyfish chimes double as the perfect décor for a lively pool party. $60, 

9. Hammocks

Pool chairs are out — hammocks are in. Or at least that’s the case in our ideal world. Be the change you want to see and set up this colorful hammock around the pool so your guests can chill in comfort. $100, 

10. Waterproof floating speaker

Finally, a fun pool party needs some proper bangers. This floating speaker works well with Androids, iPhones, iPods and any Bluetooth Media Player. The Bluetooth range is strong so the speaker will never lose signal. $80, 

Are you ready to host a fun summer pool party?


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