These Very Good Pride Dogs Are Here to Wish You a Happy June

These Very Good Pride Dogs Are Here to Wish You a Happy June

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Just because we’re not at the parade this year doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate one of the best parts of dancing around in the sweltering heat: Pride Dogs. Every year, LGBTQ folk and allies flock to the streets draped in glitter and sequins, armed with flags and signs, to remember queer history and honor the future. And to take pictures of the very, very cute dogs dressed up as rainbows, wearing pride-colored capes.

This summer, while we can’t bring you to the parade, we can certainly bring the Pride dogs to you.

Here are some of the goodest boys:

Luke says we should all learn to love a little harder. We agree, Luke.

Dexter is celebrating a personal milestone as well as Pride this month!


Stop it. Did Dizzy Gillespie the Frenchie raid our closet?


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Cheddar wants you to know you can love who you love.


Pride is better with a friend.


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These senior dogs are reminding us to respect and cherish our elders.


Love is love. And also — are those peanut butter treats I smell?


Our differences are what make us special.


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Kevin believes in Pride AND Peace.


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A very good reminder. Love always wins.



Check out the Pride Dog hashtag on Instagram for more furry cuteness!

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