How to Celebrate Pride Without a Parade

How to Celebrate Pride Without a Parade

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Happy Pride month, everyone!

It’s the time of year when the LGBTQ community gets loud, proud, and ready to march. What started originally as riots and protests in New York and California has turned into a global sensation of LGBTQ voices screaming out their love and existence for all to hear. 

But this year is a very different case. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many Pride events have been canceled or changed into digital events. Because of that, many LGBTQ people feel lost and confused. How can we enjoy Pride month without a parade? What can we do to celebrate our existences as LGBTQ people without a Pride parade to signify our time has come? Well, we’ve collected a few ideas for you.

If you want to answer this question, you have to first ask yourself something: What is Pride to you? Is it a party? Is it a protest? Is it a merchandising opportunity? Is it a mix of two ideas, three, or more? Pride is a multi-faceted concept that has evolved over the many decades it’s been going on. So of course the concept means something different to every person. But depending on your answer, our answer about how to celebrate Pride in 2020 may be different.

Club Quarantine

If you want to celebrate the party aspects of Pride, you still can! Get your party on while still socially distancing. Don’t get caught being stupid like those New York City gays from a few months ago. DON’T party with dozens of people in one space. Instead, host a Zoom dance party. Celebrate Pride with #ClubQuarantine!

Donate to Organizations

Or if you want to give back to the LGBTQ community, consider donating to local organizations that directly support LGBTQ people like you. Is there a LGBTQ youth center near you? Is there a QPOC org that supports queer Black and Brown folk? If so, give them some money to show solidarity. Real pride comes from directly supporting your community. 


Or, perhaps you wish to follow the steps of the generations that came before us. Again, Pride started out as riots and protests. And it just so happens that we’re in the midst of several protests about dismantling a racist, homophobic, and hateful social/political system. Find out if there’s a protest happening near you and start marching. If you believe Pride is a march and protest, Pride’s already happening outside your door! Go out and meet it (with a set of masks and gloves, of course)!


Pride is beautiful. Pride is many things. But Pride is happening whether there’s a parade or not. What does Pride mean to you? What are you willing to do for it? Answer those questions and then act on those answers. And soon, you’ll be living out the Pride of your dreams.

How will you be celebrating Pride without a parade in 2020?

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