Deck Out Your Bags and Battle Jackets With Pronoun Patches and Pins

Deck Out Your Bags and Battle Jackets With Pronoun Patches and Pins

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Pronouns are a key part of language, and for some queer people — especially nonbinary and trans people — having their pronouns respected and used is a key part of living comfortably. But it’s not just trans people who share their pronouns; cisgender people are also sharing their pronouns and thereby destigmatizing the practice of sharing them. One easy way to share your pronouns is by wearing them in a fairly subtle way, like with pronoun patches and pronoun pins you can put on your jacket, bag or even a work lanyard. 

To make things easy, we put together a list of eight of our favorite pronoun patches and pronoun pins for you to check out.

1. Custom Horror Pronoun Iron-On Patch

pronoun patches

A personal favorite, these horror-inspired pronoun patches from Ghostscratches are perfect for anyone who loves a spooky aesthetic. They come in a variety of colors, and you can also get custom pronouns. Ghostscratches also has other horror-inspired pronoun patches in their Etsy shop.

Find these custom patches ($13) in the Ghostscratches Etsy Shop.

2. Original Pronoun Planchette Pin

Keeping in line with that spooky aesthetic, one great option for pronoun pins are these planchettes. We’ve seen a lot of mystical symbols gaining popularity, and the planchette being turned into a pronoun pin is a cool way of sharing your pronouns.

Find these planchette pins ($9.85) in the GRRRL spells Etsy shop.

3. Pronoun Pins by Pocalyptic

pronoun pins

While enamel pins and handmade patches can be more expensive, these button pins are a totally affordable option. A wide variety of pronouns are available, including some neopronouns like Xe/Xir.

Find these button pins ($2.70) in Pocalyptic’s Etsy shop.

4. Typography Iron On Patch

Only They/Them, He/Him, and She/Her are available, but if you’re a fan of clean-looking typography, these goth-inspired typography pronoun patches are definitely for you.

You can find these pronoun patches ($11.55) in TheCraftRebellion’s Etsy shop.

5. Pronoun Pin with Crystal Dial

Some people, like genderfluid people, use different pronouns at different times. This pin is a perfect solution for that. All you have to do is turn the crystal dial to whatever your pronoun happens to be at that moment.

Find this pin ($14.99) in New York Toy Collective Etsy Shop.

6. The Signet Sealed Pronoun Pins

pronoun pins

These beautiful pronoun pins are inspired by signet ring symbolism and flower meanings. Currently They/Them, She/Her, He/Him, She/They, and He/They pins are available with She/They, He/They, and She/He/They variants coming.

Find these pins ($12.31) in the ArcturusByzantiuum Etsy Shop.

7. Embroidered Pronoun Patches

pronoun patches

Doodlepeople uses their own handwriting for this embroidered dual pronoun patch. It’s cute, lightweight and pretty low-key because of the simplicity of the design. The They/She version is shown but there are all sorts of variations available.

Find these patches ($11.90) in Doodlepeople’s Etsy Shop.

8. ’60s Inspired Pronoun Buttons

pronoun pins

These retro inspired buttons offer a fun pop of color. They’re not customizable, but there are 20 options available, including multiple pronouns, so a wide variety of pronoun combos are for sale.

Find these pronoun pins($4.50) in SheIsAWantedMan’s Etsy Shop.

Will you be picking up any of these pronoun pins or pronoun patches?

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