This Master Pumpkin Carver Is Behind Some of Our Favorite Gay Halloween Creations

This Master Pumpkin Carver Is Behind Some of Our Favorite Gay Halloween Creations

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There’s your typical Jack O’Lantern pumpkin carved to celebrate Halloween, and then there’s the work of Brent Heuser, the openly gay man who  Forbes called “the master carver.” More than spooky, sliced-up squash to commemorate All Hallow’s Eve, the creations of this skilled pumpkin carver are true works of art.

Heuser has also created works for art for a few recognizable names — people like Lady Gaga, for whom he created a pumpkin centerpiece at her Joanne album release party.

“I think there’s something charming and magical about pumpkin art,” Heuser tells Forbes. “Even in photos, you can’t thoroughly capture the moment; it’s something you have to see in person. Seeing kids and adults alike look at the Jack-o’-lanterns and just smile, mesmerized by how a piece of art can illuminate an otherwise regular squash, is probably why I do what I do. Though they may eventually wither, there’s something so cool about capturing a moment in time when it was a beautiful piece of art.”

In addition to being one of the best pumpkin carver artists in the biz, Brent Heuser is a handsome, 6’7″ actor, singer, dancer and songwriter living in New York. You’ll find the work of Brent Heuser on Instagram here, where his @BrentPumpkins account features some of his best work. He’s also on Instagram as himself here, where he promotes a mix of pumpkin carver and non-pumpkin carving pics.

Check out some of our favorite work by master pumpkin carver Brent Heuser, taken from his Instagram:

Two of gay men’s favorite emojis, the peach and the eggplant

RuPaul’s Drag Race vet Shea Couleé

And Peppermint!

And the one and only RuPaul!

Check out sexy actor Ryan Phillippe baring his goods

And this adorable pup

What do you think of the work of master pumpkin carver Brent Heuser?