10 Queer-Owned Businesses to Support All Year Round, Not Just During Pride

10 Queer-Owned Businesses to Support All Year Round, Not Just During Pride

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We’ve gently hinted time after time at our belief that big corporations remembering that the LGBTQ+ community exists exclusively during the month of June smells faintly of exploitation. But we also want to take this time to highlight small, independent, queer-owned businesses who care about our community all year round. As we remember our history and celebrate ourselves, it’s important we also find ways to support one another — and urge straight allies to do the same.

For those of us who feel like June came and went far too soon, who don’t feel comfortable hitting up any of the major events this year or who simply just need a little mid-week retail therapy, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 10 queer-owned businesses to support this month (and to keep supporting the rest of the year):


The mission of Both& is to create sustainable and ethically produced items for transmasculine and gender non-conforming bodies. They’ve surveyed over 500 people in the community to develop clothing not based on the binary.


Meg makes high-quality and ultra-cozy apparel in support and celebration of marginalized identities and communities. Their work is fun and vibrant, with 30% of proceeds donated to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute. (Personally, I have the PROTECT TRANS KIDS sweatshirt and cannot recommend it enough.)


Wives Jen and Vero started JZD in 2014, looking for a way to express and embrace their own power. Seven years later, this badass, Queer, Latina lifestyle brand has been worn by celebrities like Aimee Carrero (voice of She-Ra!) and Ana Villafane (best known for portraying Gloria Estefan on Broadway).


Trans-owned U.S. brand gc2b makes comfortable, safe and accessible binders for trans and non-binary folks. They have also made a remarkable contribution to the queer community since their growth as a brand, sponsoring over 100 LGBT organizations and donating over 6,000 chest binders to be distributed to people in need. They launched 2b.care as part of their philanthropic program.


Rebecca Lynn’s stunning beaded jewelry is the result of Indigneous and LGBTQ+ intersection. A Two Spirit artist themselves, they say that “buying beadwork is a great way to support and invest in Native artists and combat the cultural appropriation done by large corporations.”

Rebirth Garments

Rebirth Garments focuses on queer and disabled folks, creating gender-nonconforming apparel and accessories in bright, unapologetic and innovative colors and designs. All of their items are handmade, fully customizable and come without tags. The store has been on a brief hiatus due to health reasons, but it’s set to open back up on June 24.

Bianca’s Design Shop

Queer Latinx artist Bianca Negron makes a variety of fun apparel, accessories, pins, patches and more to meet all your LGBTQ+ Pride needs. Proceeds from her work go to a number of incredible organizations every month; you can check out all of them here.


grrrlspells makes spooky queer art and accessories for your inner goth. They’re queer and POC-owned, their designs are fantastic, and I’m completely obsessed with their Instagram.

Me-est Me

These journals are designed to help you reconnect with yourself. Founder Shana, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, believes that while all people ultimately want to be able to live out their most authentic “me-est me,” our community often gets shamed for doing just that. 10% of profits from each journal sold in the month of June will be going toward The Ally Coalition.

A Tribe Called Queer

Based in L.A., this queer, Black-owned label not only sells gender-neutral apparel, masks, pins and more but is also home to a podcast and zine. Created by Sabine Maxine Lopez, the brand’s mission is “to create thought-provoking designs that make a statement without saying a word.” Check out their incredible Instagram as well.

What are some of your favorite queer-owned businesses?

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