This Person Quit Their Job In the Most Spectacular Way: By Quoting ‘Drag Race’ Star Detox

This Person Quit Their Job In the Most Spectacular Way: By Quoting ‘Drag Race’ Star Detox

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“I have had it. Officially!” We know those words as one of our favorite exclamations to ever come out of RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked (which we found out just today will be returning with the upcoming Drag Race Season 10 very soon). But now the phrase will forever also be known as the best way to quit your job. Like, ever.

The phrase “I have had it. Officially!” was of course uttered by the one and only Detox on an episode of Untucked during Drag Race Season 5. (And if you’re curious what the entire quote was, in all its expletives, it was, “Fuck the fuck off! I’ve had it with you! Go the fuck home! Fuck! I’ve had it! Officially!”

The queen Detox was referring to: That’d be Serena Cha Cha.

In a Reddit thread titled “My friend letting her werk place know she’s quitting” (we love the attention to detail displayed in using “werk” over “work” — nicely done), the below photo was posted:

The only thing that would have made it better is if — just like following a queen’s elimination on the show — it was written on that whiteboard in lipstick. Amiright?!

As is typical of Redditors, the comments on the post are perfect. One says, “Quitting your job realness. Good luck on all your endeavors y’all.” Another doesn’t refer to this person quit their job but the woman pictured in the image: “Studded shoulder for attention fish.” (That last one seriously had us rolling.)

Yet another Redditor commented, “So proud to see Detox’s impact” … as are we!

Detox has always been a favorite queen of ours. In addition to Drag Race Season 5 she also appeared on Drag Race All Stars Season 2.

Watch all of Detox’s looks from All Stars Season 2 here:

Have you ever quit your job in an amazing way? Sound off in the comments!

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