Cryptocurrencies Should Actively Try to Make the World a Better Place

Cryptocurrencies Should Actively Try to Make the World a Better Place

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This week, the new cryptocurrency startup Ripple donated $29 million worth of its own currency to American public schools. The Ripple donation went through, a non-profit site where teachers can post requests for equipment they need. Through this donation, Ripple demonstrating how cryptocurrencies can be used to change the world.

The Ripple donation will be split across 28,000 public school teachers in all 50 states. It came about when Charlie Best, the founder and CEO of, sent an email to Ripple executives about the impact a donation could have. Best said, “To my own shock, they said yes. It was mind-blowing that it would be the largest donation of cryptocurrency.”

Of course, Ripple aren’t the only cryptocurrency helping out. The LGBT Token is using the power of crypto to help the global queer community. For example, people in homophobic countries like Chechnya, Egypt or Indonesia, could use the LGBT Token to buy a plane ticket out from an airline that accepts the currency. That anonymous purchase could help a man fly to safety in 24 hours without outing him as gay.

But that’s just a hypothetical case. The LGBT Impact program will let LGBT Token users submit projects for the LGBT Foundation, the Token’s managing body. From there, they not only provide a platform for users to donate directly, but the Foundation will also donate to causes themselves.

And, of course, as the these donations are made in the cryptocurrency themselves, as it rises in value, more money will be available to be donated.

As Hornet contributor Zachary Zane wrote, “Right now it seems like cryptocurrency really benefits only one group of people: “crypto bros” — straight Silicon Valley techies in their 20s and 30s.” But thankfully, the LGBT Token and Ripple are working to change that perception.

We’re calling on all other cryptocurrency organizations to follow suit. And if you’re interested in getting into crypto yourself, seek out organizations like the LGBT Foundation who are pioneering the use of crypto as a force for good.

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