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10 Items Essential for Giving Your Partner a Romantic Night In He’ll Never Forget
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10 Items Essential for Giving Your Partner a Romantic Night In He’ll Never Forget

Written by Hornet Staff on April 21, 2018
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If you’re looking for ways to spice up your love life, the easiest way to do that might be right in front of you. Simply plan a romantic night at home!

Home is the most comfortable place to be, after all. But you can’t just tell your boyfriend you’re staying in — you’ve gotta make it worth staying in. Otherwise it’s no different than any other weeknight.

romantic night at home

How can you make your romantic night special? These 10 suggestions could make it a night you’ll never forget.

1. Rose Petals

romanric night rose petals

A bed covered with rose petals may sound cliché, but sometimes you just want to pretend you’re in a movie. And with this ready-to-go package of rose petals, you won’t have to destroy a bunch of flowers to surprise your partner! 3,500 rose petals, $85, 

2. Sensual Massage Oil

romantic night body oil

Everyone loves a massage, particularly when it’s by your partner. But true relaxation doesn’t come from just the massage alone, which is where the aromatherapy comes in. We love the scent of this organic almond-based oil, with natural ingredients like Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract, orange and ginger. $19, 

3. A ‘His & His’ Pajamas Set

romantic night matching pajamas

If you and the BF love nothing more than just getting cozy, this monogrammed His & His pajama set is perfect for a night of Netflix and chill. Cotton broadcloth top and bottom sold separately, $35–$40, 

4. Leather Blindfold

romantic night blindfold

Spice things up on your romantic night in with this stylish and kinky leather blindfold. Get your freak on with custom gear to explore new territories of pleasure. $55, 

5. Picnic Basket

romantic night picnic basket

Remember when you were little and used to camp out in the living room? Relive those days but with a romantic twist. This Picnic & Beyond Brio Collection has everything you need — including a waterproof blanket — for a picnic set in the great indoors. $70, 

6. Essential Oil Diffuser

home office humidifier

The classic wood-grain finish on this diffuser enchants the eye while enticing the nose with a rich aroma for up to six hours. Get in the mood while your favorite scents fill the air. $29,

7. Rubber Sheets

romantic night rubber sheets

If your ideal romantic night involves getting freaky, you’ll need these durable (yet soft) rubber sheets. They can hold up to your wildest, kinkiest fantasies, and they’re easy to clean when the fun is done. $175, 

8. Bubble Bath Gels

romantic night bubble bath gels

There is no more intimate experience than taking a bath with your partner. These “In Love” scented shower gels — infused with apple blossoms and jasmine — will fill your senses while you get clean. $34, 

9. Adult Board Game

romantic night board game

Spice up your romantic night in with adult board games. Try one round of a game like XXXopoly. It’s a fun way to learn new ways of satisfying your partner and fulfilling your wildest fantasies. $30, 

10. Love letters

romantic night love boxes

Even the humble love letter has joined the 21st century. With these Pixel Loveboxes you can text your lover through a mobile app, and when a new message comes in the heart on the side of his Lovebox spins until he opens the box’s lid and reads your note. And he can spin the heart himself to send love back to your phone. 2 for $190,

Are you ready for a romantic night at home? Share your tips for making it a special night in the comments.

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