10 Items That’ll Ensure You Throw a Fabulous and Memorable Rooftop Party

10 Items That’ll Ensure You Throw a Fabulous and Memorable Rooftop Party

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It’s getting warmer, which means it’s a great time to throw the perfect rooftop party. Of course, planning any memorable cocktail party takes thought and effort. It’s all about having the perfect balance of ambiance, décor and entertainment. And with a rooftop party, the ambiance is taken care of — so you just have to focus on the other two!

We’ve gathered some simple, fun party ideas that will take your next rooftop party to the next level.

1. Make your party into a red carpet event

Why not give your guests the red carpet treatment? Put this easy-to-set-up kit by your rooftop entrance and start your party with a VIP touch. Starting from $58, sign11.com  

2. Lanterns

Lanterns are a great outdoor lighting option. We love these black metal lanterns, and they come in all different sizes, making them the perfect décor for your rooftop soirée. $9–$63, pier1.com 

3. Outdoor pillows

You’ll need seating for your rooftop party, and some outdoor furniture is uncomfortable and hard. Make things easier on your guests and use these colorful pillows to protect your friends’ tender tushies. Starting at $23, hayneedle.com 

4. Signature cocktail

This simple recipe for the Pastis Bar signature cocktail is quick to make and tastes divine. All you need is five minutes and a few easy-to-find ingredients and you’ll have the key to making your party truly amazing: your own signature drink. Pastis Bar Recipe from marthastewart.com 

5. Insect repellent candles

These scented candles are functional in addition to creating a fantastic mood. Outdoor parties are the best, but no one wants to be eaten alive by mosquitos. Keep the wee beasties at bay with these lovely smelling candles. Eucalyptus Citronella Candle, $44, shopterrain.com 

6. Portable tabletop BBQ grill


Every rooftop party needs food, and there’s nothing better than an outdoor cookout. This sleek BBQ kit looks like a suitcase but heats up food fast with its stainless steel grill. $351, lumens.com 

7. Quick and easy appetizers

Speaking of party food, try this easy recipe for marinated garlicky tomatoes, a twist on the traditional caprese — delicious and an option for your vegetarian friends! Recipe from midwestliving.com 

8. Quirky table top decorations

This set of curved vases is easy to set up and great for any floral arrangement to give your rooftop party a bit of color. From $14 – $36, westelm.com 

9. Portable heater

Of course, being outside at night means it can get chilly. Be prepared! If it gets cold, this portable heater will warm things up and keep the party going. Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control, $50, bedandbathbeyond.com 

10. Conversation

Put away your smartphones. It’s time to gossip, laugh and have a real conversation with your friends. Cost: Free. Value: Priceless.


Are you ready to host a fun rooftop party this spring or summer? Share your comment with us now.

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