‘Drag Race’ Producers Have Taken an Anonymous Redditor to Court for Leaking ‘All Stars 3’ Episodes

‘Drag Race’ Producers Have Taken an Anonymous Redditor to Court for Leaking ‘All Stars 3’ Episodes

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Since the debut of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 a few weeks ago, some people have been posting spoilers to social media before the episodes air. Seeing as sometimes these RuPaul’s Drag Race leaks include the queen going home on the upcoming episode, the producers aren’t happy. So, even though it doesn’t know who this leaker is yet, World of Wonder Productions has initiated a lawsuit against the people behind RealityTVLeaks.

RealityTVLeaks has been posting video clips and still images from each episode before it airs. The spoilers are posted not only to Reddit but Instagram, Twitter and other forms of social media. Sometimes the RuPaul’s Drag Race leaks show the outfits the queens will be wearing on that night’s episode. But sometimes the account will even spoil the outcome.

One of the Reddit posts, taken from the lawsuit.

In addition, World of Wonder says RealityTVLeaks also cuts off the true copyright information. Instead, they’ve been posting their own, implying that they, not World of Wonder, owns the copyrights on the episodes and clips they post.

Though World of Wonder previously issued takedown notices based on copyright violation, it’s been difficult. RealityTVLeaks took its Instagram account private so it’d be harder for World of Wonder to track. Last week, though, Instagram disabled the account.

Instead of stopping, though, RealityTVLeaks mocked World of Wonder, posting a meme that said “World of Wonder staff … left me no choice but to go private because they keep reporting my posts because I Leaks their shit … mind ya business.” It then posted to r/RupaulsDragRace, encouraging Redditors to subscribe to their Instagram for more spoilers.

The mocking meme, taken from the lawsuit.

As the takedown notices haven’t apparently worked, a lawsuit was in order. World of Wonder is asking for statutory damages of $150,000 per All Stars episode that has been infringed, plus statutory damages of $25,000 for each violation or the actual damages suffered by World of Wonder, and the RealityTVLeaks’ profits, plus World of Wonder’s attorney fees.

Read the full RuPaul’s Drag Race leaks lawsuit below:


Featured image one of RealityTVLeaks’ episode 1 spoilers taken from the lawsuit.

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