5 Steps to Crafting the Self-Care Day of Your Dreams

5 Steps to Crafting the Self-Care Day of Your Dreams

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The concept of self-care used to come across as selfish. “I’m going to have a ‘me’ day” or “I’m going to take myself on a date tonight” didn’t always go over well in the group chat. It was the equivalent of “Oh, I can’t, I’m washing my hair tonight.” But prioritizing anything that gives you an overall mood boost isn’t boring or selfish — it’s vital. The little things so many of us used to take for granted are the moments that really matter. 

So we’re going to focus on “showing yourself some love” in the self-care and grooming department. Because one of the best ways you can give your mood and your self-esteem a boost is by looking and feeling your best. Forget about doing it for anybody else. Do it for yourself. Other people noticing is the bonus — and they will notice. 

So read on for our guide to the top five ways you can treat yourself to the self-care day of your dreams.

Body Hair Care 

I’m sure most of you didn’t think this article on “self care” was going to start with trimming all of the hair on your body, but hear me out. Body hair upkeep is the part people most often forget about because you only think about it when you see it … in the mirror before taking a shower. So you make a mental note to “get to it next time” but don’t. So let’s start here.

The Panasonic Men’s Precision Wet/Dry Beard and Hair Trimmer is not just for beard upkeep. The quick-adjust electric trimmer dial provides 19 settings for personalized cutting and sculpting — plus it’s 100% waterproof so you can use it in the shower. So before your chest or arm hair gets unruly and out of control — not to mention hair in other, tougher-to-reach places — get the hard part out of the way first and engage in some body hair maintenance. It may not be high on your priority list, but Panasonic makes it easy. You’ll love the results, plus you never know when the opportunity to show off your handy work will present itself.


A shower is about more than standing under the water for 90 seconds and then towel-drying. Your skin takes a lot of abuse throughout the day, so show it a little bit of love in the shower now that you’ve cleaned up your body hair. 

You don’t need to take sandpaper and a rock to your skin to get most of the dirt and grime off. Just get a mild exfoliant and a loofah, and scrub in circular motions over your body for 30 seconds to a minute. Lightly is the key. If you aren’t sensitive to scents or perfumes, consider something like peppermint or camomile to make the experience more relaxing.

Face Care

Your face is the first thing folks see, so you always want to make sure it’s looking its best. And that starts with trimming your beard. Giving yourself a close shave can be nice, but simply trimming up unruly hairs with the Panasonic Men’s Precision Wet/Dry Beard and Hair Trimmer can give your face a whole new look. And the nice thing about the electric trimmer dial with 19 cutting lengths is you’re working with everything from 0.5 to 10mm. So start small (or long in this case) and work your way down from there. You can always take more off, but you can’t put it back. 

If you’re unsure what to do with your beard hair, google a “face shape beard guide.” There are tons of tips to make sure you pick the most flattering cut for your face. Follow it up with an eye mask, a face mask, and a cooling aftershave for best results.

Mani, Pedi

Yes, you can care for your nails at home … and your cuticles, your ankles, your heels, and so on. But there’s something about treating yourself to a manicure and a pedicure that just feels different and more special. Plus, I don’t know about you, but any time I give myself a mani/pedi, I inevitably forget something. So take yourself to a nail salon and treat yourself to the works. 

And if you’re feeling festive, add some color to your nails, too. It’s shocking the number of folks who will notice and compliment you. Plus, most nail salons have high end, tricked-out massage chairs. Multitask your self-care!


Above all else, there’s no replacement for sleep and relaxation. So while it may sound weird encouraging you to get all of these things done to make yourself look and feel better and then go to sleep, trust us. All of the work you’ve just done will still be there when you wake up, and then you’ll have the energy and mental clarity to take yourself out and show it off to people. Rest, water, diet … these are the things doctors are always talking about, right? Start with rest and relaxation. We can get to the other stuff in another article!

This self-care day story was sponsored by Panasonic. Find their state-of-the-art Men’s Precision Wet/Dry Beard and Hair Trimmer here.

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