This Artist Has Redrawn Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs as Drool-Worthy Pin-Ups

This Artist Has Redrawn Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs as Drool-Worthy Pin-Ups

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We’ve always thought the merry band of dwarfs from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were pretty gay — a group of rugged, isolated, lonely men return home from a day at the mines to discover the most beautiful girl in the kingdom sleeping in their communal bed, and their immediate response is … terror? Then they all stick their butts in the air to hide from her? Gay.

Then there’s the artist and graphic designer known as Silverjow, who has re-drawn the Seven Dwarfs as sexy Disney pin-up muscle hunks, and they’ve got us whistling while we work.

Silverjow is the nom de plume of an artist named Joe who specializes in comic art, illustrations and painting. He established a Patreon account to help fund his endeavors. He even publishes a “Hunk of the Week” and a newsletter on the account.

Let’s enjoy SilverJow’s ‘Seven Dwarfs’ sexy Disney muscle pin-ups:

Doc serves up Santa Claus realness.

Dopey has us hoping he’s gropey.

True to form, Sneezy could use some Sudafed.

Grumpy looks pretty humpy! (Pretty sure I dated that guy.)

Bashful grabs a ‘stache-full.

Ogling Sleepy makes us feel creepy.

And Happy looks like a muscled-up pappy.

But in addition to his sexy Disney re-imaginings of the Seven Dwarfs, Silverjow’s Instagram also has a lot of other pop culture-style pin-ups — including Wolverine from X-Men, Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy, the Easter Bunny like you’ve never seen him before and even a few illustrations based on real-life hunks.

We’re a fan, and you should check out the rest of his work.

And speaking of, here’s a small sampling of SilverJow’s other work, via Instagram:

Asian Persuasion

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