This Artist Is Giving Us The Sexy Pokémon Trainers We Never Knew We Needed

This Artist Is Giving Us The Sexy Pokémon Trainers We Never Knew We Needed

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Sexy Pokémon trainers are something you probably never knew you needed.

We think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been feeling a little nostalgic lately, and what’s more nostalgic than the magic of Pokémon? Created in 1995 by video game designer and director Satoshi Tajiri, the franchise has developed into a multimedia phenomenon, complete with a TV series, card game, merchandise, books, manga and even a theme park. The general public loves Pokémon — and for good reason, too. The “pocket monsters” are adorable, the storylines are exciting, and the games are addictive.

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The franchise recently celebrated its 25th anniversary — complete with new merchandise, game announcements and events all through the month of March. We’ve decided to celebrate, too, by bringing you sexy Pokémon trainer art, courtesy of one of our favorite gay illustrators, heybeefcake.

Heybeefcake is known for making, as their bio says, “beefcake cuties being beefy and cute.” And this series of sexy Pokémon trainers is no exception.

“Horny boy icon and rock type master Brock.”

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