4 Tips for Posting a Shirtless Selfie Without Looking Self-Absorbed

4 Tips for Posting a Shirtless Selfie Without Looking Self-Absorbed

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There’s a catch 22 when it comes to gay men who like to snap a shirtless selfie. Gay men obviously love pictures of a guy with a sexy bod, and at the same time love to judge other gays for being self-absorbed (and snapping that same shirtless selfie).

Whether it’s a genuine attempt at opposing shallowness and self-absorption or jealousy, it’s common to see people lashing out about a shirtless selfie, calling it narcissistic. More often than not, it’s someone who’s proud of the hard work he’s put into sculpting his body.

Because of all the judgment, how do you snap a shirtless selfie without coming off as self-absorbed? Try these tips, coming from someone who takes an embarrassing amount of shirtless selfies himself.

1. Make a goofy face.

It’s the oldest trick in the book. Make a silly face while flaunting your body (whatever size and shape it might be). This shows you don’t take yourself too seriously. And if you do it right,, no one will be looking at your face anyway. But a goofy face is one way to ward off some of the haters.

2. Don’t have every photo be a shirtless selfie.

Whether it’s a dating app or Instagram, I’d recommend not having every pic be a shirtless selfie. You’ve gotta switch it up a little bit. Show that you’re more than your body.

3. Photos where you would be shirtless naturally.

In exchange for that gym mirror shirtless selfie, might I suggest some photos out and about in the world where you would naturally be shirtless? Few gays I know wear shirts while frolicking on the beach. Do you play any sports? Volleyball? Basketball? Waterpolo? Snap a pic doing something active. No one is going to clock you when you’re athletic and shirtless.

4. Poke fun at yourself in the caption.

If you’re posting a shirtless selfie to your Insta, try saying something self-deprecating in the caption. Throw something in the bio addressing the photo in a humorous way. Acknowledge that you know some people will perceive you as self-absorbed, but you’re OK with it.

So there you have it, boys. If you got it (and you most definitely do), flaunt it! Show off that body. At the end of the day, no matter what you do some guys will surely think you’re self-absorbed for posting a shirtless selfie, but who cares! It’s your body, so we say flaunt what you’ve got.

Do you have anymore shirtless selfie tips? Share them in the comments below.

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