8 Ideas for Socially Distanced Dating

8 Ideas for Socially Distanced Dating

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Dating is hard right now. Whether you’re in a committed relationship with someone who lives separately from you or you’re looking to date someone new, there’s a whole new dynamic to dating in the era of COVID-19. Namely, lockdown. But as we’re all forced to stay at home or stay six feet apart, we still want to find love and intimacy. So how do we do it with our new social environment? Is socially distanced dating even possible?

Here are 8 ideas for socially distanced dating in the era of COVID-19:

1. Netflix & Phone Calls

Of course a good ol’ phone call is great. But have you tried Netflix Party-ing with a phone call? Try Netflix & Chilling from a distance as you watch a show or movie with someone else.

2. Reading in the Park

But what if you have to physically see someone? Try meeting up in a park. Staying six feet apart doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with someone. Read a book near each other, enjoy a picnic with a few feet’s worth of distance, and enjoy nature with your date.

3. Going on Walks

There’s always the tried-and-true method of walking with someone. This is pretty self-explanatory, so go do it!

4. Yoga, Tai chi & Other Outdoor Exercising

Try doing some light exercise in public. People are already doing yoga, tai chi and similar activates in parks. You might as well join them or start an activity of your own.

5. Online Trivia

If you want to stay at home, try a trivia night. Find a program, event or game online and see if you know more than your date. Then hold it over them during the next date.

6. Cook-Offs/Cooking Lessons

Have a cook-off! See who can make the better version of the same meal. You get brownie points if you video stream the whole cooking process together. You could also have a cooking lesson date where you tell your date how to make your own signature dish.

7. Musical Show-and-Tells

Great on the days and nights when you just want to chill out, share music with each other. This could be over a call or not. Everyone loves to share their favorite music, and this could help you get to know your date better.

8. Game(r) Together

Lastly, you could always play a game together. Whether it’s a shooter like Call of Duty or a relaxed game like Animal Crossing, playing together can keep you together.

Socially distanced dating can be hard, but you can be successful if you get creative. Look at the pandemic as giving you the chance to play around with how you date. Let that be a great silver lining in all of this.

Do you have any socially distanced dating ideas of your own?

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