South Korea’s Haesindang Park, an International Tourist Attraction, Is Dedicated to Penises

South Korea’s Haesindang Park, an International Tourist Attraction, Is Dedicated to Penises

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There’s a fun and sexy attraction in the city of Sinnam, known as Haesindang Park or, more succinctly, the “South Korea Penis Park,” a legendary park filled with dozens of carved penises — fun for the whole family!

The story behind the South Korea Penis Park:

Penis Park arose (ahem) because of a local Sinnam legend. In the story, a young woman from long ago took her husband’s boat to harvest seaweed from the ocean. He promised to pick her up later, but a windstorm caused her to drown before he could rescue her.

Afterward, villagers were reportedly unable to catch fish because of her death, an understandably alarming development for an oceanside town that depends on fish for food and commerce.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. One version says the problem was solved when a local man masturbated at the oceanside and ejaculated into the water, pleasing the virgin girl’s spirit and causing fish to return.

Check out this video of the South Korea Penis Park:

Another version of the story says villagers thought they could appease the dead maiden by hoisting wooden phalluses around where she died, after which the fish returned. Either way, locals started erecting wood and stone penises all over the area and we got Haesindang Park.

The park reportedly has about 50 different penis statues, totems, benches and decorations, including a moveable penis-shaped canon, a phallic red lighthouse and a Chinese zodiac of animal sculptures.

The park is understandably popular with international tourists (including families and kids), who take pictures kissing, touching, sitting on large penises or just smiling wide. We think it’s safe to assume there’s no place on Earth quite like Haesindang Park.

Here are some more photos of the South Korea Penis Park, Haesindang Park:

What do you think about the South Korea penis park? Planning to take a visit?

Images courtesy Flickr user cezzie901

This article was originally published on Feb. 6, 2018. It has since been updated.

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