¡Míralas Ahora! Here Are 6 of Our Favorite Spanish-Language YouTube Series

¡Míralas Ahora! Here Are 6 of Our Favorite Spanish-Language YouTube Series

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It’s a beautiful thing to live in the future! These days you can find so much high-quality LGBT content online, and that’s fabulousSense8American Gods and How to Get Away With Murder include queer characters in their stories, and many more series available to stream do as well. And queer content crosses the language divide, too; there are are quite a few Spanish gay series for those looking for non-English shows.

But let’s say you don’t have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO GO or any of those other streaming platforms. Well, YouTube is a great option, too.

Below we’ve gathered the best of the Spanish gay series available to watch on YouTube. In addition to being free to watch, many have English subtitles, too, for those who don’t habla español.

These are our favorite gay series in Spanish, available free on YouTube:

1. Con Lugar (Host Only) — Mexico

Con Lugar (Host Only), follows Aaron, a 20-something country guy coming to the big city to find love and adventure in one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in the world, Mexico City. The first season has eight episodes, and a second season is already being filmed on location in Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta. (This show has English subtitles.)

2. Indetectables (Undetectables) — Spain

Spain’s Undetectables takes a modern look at sexual health. The first season, “Sexo, Drogas y Tú” (Sex, Drugs and You) was released earlier this year with five episodes — each with a different director — talking about issues like STIs, HIV stigma, open relationships and drugs. Though it might sound heavy, the topic is always broached with humor.

I highly recommend this entire season. My favorite episode is the second one, “Renovarse o Morir” (Reinvent yourself or die). For more information about the show, check out its official site. (This show has English subtitles.)

3. #MAMONES — Chile

This sitcom from Chile is very funny and fast-paced. It plays with genre, too. Sometimes it’s a reality show, sometimes it’s a sitcom. #MAMONES turns out to be an experience you can’t miss. The show debuted in 2016, and it’s still going. Watch the first 10 episodes here. My favorite is the  “Regina George Challenge.” (This show doesn’t have English subtitles.)

4. Di Que Sí (Say Yes)— Mexico

This charming Spanish gay series is produced and directed by lesbian YouTuber Sury Dorantes (also known as QueFishTV), and it tells the story of a lesbian girl and her friends. You’ll find several Mexican LGBT YouTubers like Teffy, Anto Fernet and SanxPineda (who play an engaged gay couple). Check out the first full season here. (This show doesn’t have English subtitles.)

5. 4 Ambientes (4 environments) — Argentina

4 Ambientes is the story of four friends — Fede, Lean, Nico and Martín — who decide to live together and must face the problems of coexistence, couples, friends and neighbors. While the series is over now (having run from 2011–2014), it’s nice to see a real depiction of gay life through the lens of these Argentine guys. Check out the full series here. (This show has English subtitles.)

6. Marcos Con Pelos en la Lengua — Spain

This was the first gay series I ever saw on YouTube, and I fell in love with its story. It lasted three seasons, and even though the episodes were never longer than six minutes, the show was excellent. The first episode was released in 2008, and its title was “Soy gay y promiscuo” (“I’m gay and promiscuous“) — I was hooked. The last episode from the third season was released in 2013. This is a show you definitely don’t want to miss! (This show has no English subtitles.)

Did we miss your favorite Spanish gay series? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

This article was originally published on Mar. 28, 2018

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