Hey Guys, It’s Time to Get Our Body Hair Ready for Summer

Hey Guys, It’s Time to Get Our Body Hair Ready for Summer

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Summer is almost here, which in gay culture often translates to a season of pool parties, Pride festivals, block parties, vacations in tropical locations, thirsty Instagram posts and even thirstier dating profile pics. Yes, in summer, all activities tend to lean into shirts coming off and shorts getting shorter. And with all of these summer highlights comes the desire to get bodies, suntans and body hair in check.

That means different things to different people.

Maybe you’re going for that smooth-all-over, sun-kissed swimmer look. Maybe you like to let your body hair grow out in the winter and trim it down in the summer. Maybe after years of not caring one bit about the fact that there’s tons of hair on your groin and upper legs, you want to see what all the fuss of a sleek, stripped-down look is about. Whatever your hair history, if you’re going to get your body hair summer ready, there are some things you should consider first.

The right kind of tool is essential.

Razor burn, rashes and ingrown hairs can happen to anyone. You think they’re painful and unsightly on your face? Imagine having them on your groin when you’re trying to rock a speedo.

When you’re dealing with sensitive skin areas, make sure you’re using a product that goes above and beyond to protect your skin. Don’t take the risk of waxing your groin if you’re prone to outbreaks. And don’t take a disposable razor to your delicates. The Panasonic ERGK60S Slim Line Body Groomer is specifically designed to take a delicate touch to your most delicate parts. In addition to being fully waterproof and rechargeable, its hypoallergenic blades with rounded edges make it nearly impossible for your skin to get irritated. Speedos show everything, so make sure people’s eyes aren’t fixated on a hair-removal effort gone awry.

Work with what you’ve got.

It’s your hair. If you want to take every last strand of it off your body, no one’s going to stop you. But may we advise that working with what you’ve got is a far better looking (and feeling) approach. If you have more body hair than Chewbacca, don’t rip away at your hair until you look like a dolphin. Consider using a trimmer to tame that hair down to something more manageable instead. It’s much easier to maintain, and you’ll feel a lot better as your hair starts to grow back in. That pretty much applies across the board — chest, legs, underarms.

When it comes to the groin, let us offer some advice. For starters, less is more. You may think you want to get rid of everything, but take baby steps in your approach. Plus, let the focus be in what we see outside of your swimsuit — trim any hair that creeps up over the top band of your underwear or swim trunks. You can certainly clean house with your other bits and bobs, but don’t get too carried away. You don’t always need to get rid of everything but the kitchen sink.

Don’t be afraid to ask a friend for help.

You know the old phrase “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” Replace scratch with shave. Look, unless you’re a contortionist, some parts of your body are impossible to reach. And we don’t think you should have to wind up in urgent care to get your body hair looking kempt. So instead of doing acrobatics to shave the middle of your back, get a friend you trust to trim down the hairs for you. Better yet, find a friend who could use a bit of TLC in return.

Intimate spots like the butt or the groin might make a shave swap uncomfortable (unless you’re into that sort of thing), but fear not — Panasonic’s Slim Line Body Groomer can fit into some quite impressive spaces.

After care is essential.

If you’re a regular to trimming and hair removal, you’re probably familiar with self-care. If you’re new here, let us educate you. Skin is sensitive. It tends to get irritated. Follow a trim or a shave with a good cooling gel or moisturizing lotion, preferably something with aloe or vitamin E. If you’re removing hair from a part of your body that tends to be exposed to the sun, SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN. Body hair is an umbrella for your skin … remove the hair, and it’s suddenly exposed. Unless you want your suddenly exposed navel to look like an alligator belt, lather up!

And perhaps most importantly…

Own your body hair.

At the end of the day, do you. If you’re a fan of your body hair and letting it grow however and wherever it wants to, let it all hang out. If you feel like getting rid of literally every hair on your body, you can do that, too. Don’t let social media and body hair trends dictate how and what you do with your body. Body hair comes in different textures and colors and grows in different places and different ways. If we all manscaped our bodies to look exactly the same, the pool party landscape would be a pretty homogenized place. Keep it fun, and do whatever makes you feel confident.

This story was sponsored by Panasonic. Find their state-of-the-art Slim Line Body Groomer here.

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