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Week In Review: Australia Hates Poppers, Trump’s Penis Ruined Mario Kart for Everyone

In our look at this week’s top stories, we discover that Australia could ban poppers because straight people started using them and Trump’s Toad-ishness

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Before You Measure Your Penis with the iPhone’s New Ruler Tool, Know This

The new app uses your phone’s camera to determine an object’s size, but when it comes to penis measurement, it’s not perfect

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Gaydorado Is a Gay Superhero Video Game Where You Model Clothes, Seduce Friends and Fight Evil

In Gaydorado, you join a superhero agency and seduce friends to join your squad of crime-fighters — all while modeling clothes and flirting at the bar

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This Week’s Must-Haves: iPhone X, Calvin Klein Sheer Sweater, 3D Skull Ice Cubes

Several new products launch this week. From the iPhone X, skull ice cube trays, to a sleek West Elm recliner, here are our must-have picks for the week

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The World Took to Social Media to Comment on the New iPhone X

The new iPhone X comes with a glass front and back, facial ID technology and a $1,000 price tag, leading Twitter comedians to joke on it non-stop

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Is Anonymous Messaging Platform ‘Sarahah’ Really the App We Need Right Now?

Sarahah app is now available for download. It lets users get anonymous feedback and is causing quite a lot of controversy. 

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New York iPhone Users Are Sending Anonymous Penis Pics to Unsuspecting Subway Riders

iPhone users on New York’s subway system have discovered the the AirDrop feature has allowed others to start sending them anonymous penis pics

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Apple Just Unveiled a Red iPhone 7 for the Stylish and Socially Aware

We’re loving Apple’s new red iPhone, which contributes to the global fight against HIV being led by (RED) and its sub-Saharan Africa programs

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David Bowie’s Iconic Aladdin Sane Lightning Bolt is Now an iOS Emoji!

There’s also sorts of wonderfully weird emojis coming onto the iPhone including two of the bisexual Brit rockers’ most iconic rock star look!

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The New Apple iOS Briefly Featured a GIF of Hardcore Oral Sex (NSFW)

Apple’s new iPhone has lots of great features! For example, typing in the word “huge” briefly brought up an animated GIF of a woman sucking a large dong.

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