Before You Measure Your Penis with the iPhone’s New Ruler Tool, Know This

Before You Measure Your Penis with the iPhone’s New Ruler Tool, Know This

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Apple released an iOS update on Monday, iOS 12, its latest operating system for iPhones and iPads. Among iOS 12’s new features is the Measure app, which gives people ability to measure things with their cameras using an “augmented reality” ruler — just point your camera at something and bam! The ruler will measure it. Naturally we (and other people) immediately thought about guys using the Measure app on their penises. But we’ve uncovered that the Measure app may not be entirely accurate for penis measurement.

In one test someone used the Measure app to figure out the dimensions of a picture frame. The frame was 78 centimeters by 101 centimeters, but the app said it was 63 centimeters by 82 centimeters, a nearly 20% difference.

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When that same user repeatedly measured a 55-centimeter wooden flute with the Measure app, it gave three different length measurements — 51, 53 and 57 centimeters — each depending on the lighting.

This banana may actually be smaller than 16 centimeters, thanks to faulty penis measurement iPhone technology

This news comes as a real bummer for guys around the world. Whether you’re insecure or proud of your penis length, odds are that what we’d hoped would be state-of-the-art penis measurement iPhone technology will say your penis is shorter than it actually is! (Which, yeah, could help you catfish guys by adding a few “augmented reality” centimeters, but that’s bad! Don’t do that!)

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Perhaps we’ll just have to measure our penises in photographs the old-fashioned way: by comparing them to water bottles, toilet paper tubes and video game controllers. Thanks for nothing, Apple!

Have you used Apple’s Measure app to measure your penis?

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