Gaydorado Is a Gay Superhero Video Game Where You Model Clothes, Seduce Friends and Fight Evil

Gaydorado Is a Gay Superhero Video Game Where You Model Clothes, Seduce Friends and Fight Evil

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Gay video games typically let players control a gay character, fight obstacles in fantasy settings, seduce men on dates, make friends or just buy clothes and play dress up. But in the mobile game Gaydorado, you do all of those (and go to the gym and appear in fashion shows) all within a superhero storyline. It’s quite possibly the weirdest game we’ve ever seen and it’s coming this month to iOS and Android phones.

Gaydorado is basically a super-gay role playing game. Made by Chinese game developer CocoBear, it lets players control a new resident in the city of Gaydorado, a modern day metropolis filled with hunky friends, lovers and villains.

First, you pick your character’s physical build, race, fighting skill, zodiac sign and preferred sexual position (yes, really). We’re not entirely clear how each one affects gameplay, if at all, but the overall goal is to form a squad, develop their talents and then kick the asses of other bad guys and friend-squads around the city.

Your character works for a superheroic agency, kind of like S.H.I.E.L.D. from Marvel comics. The agency’s best spy, Raven, recently double crossed his team, killing off all of the best agents in the process, so he must be stopped before he harms anyone else.

You progress by forming a squad of guys you meet at work or the bar; amassing sexy clothes, showing them off, working out and going on seductive dates to increase your and your squad’s stats. One of our favorite moments involves literally rubbing your friend’s bodies to increase their stats — it’s quite erotic and the drawings accentuate each man’s sexy features.

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You quickly fall into the acquaintance of Samuel, a hunky sex kitten willing to show you the ropes; White Fang, a muscle clad superhero with a bionic arm; Newton, his slim and flirty colleague; and Alex, a friendly personal trainer with bulges for days. Together, you hunt down Raven and fight his legions of underlings, with new plots opening up the more you play.

You can also participate in player versus player mode to battle your team against other gay squads, focus on dating and fashion to build up your team’s strengths or meet actual real-life players from around the world in one-on-one or group chat.

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It sounds kind of awesome and bonkers at the same time, presenting a vision of gay life that is equally stereotypical and fantastical. But if you have a smartphone or tablet, Gaydorado might prove worth the visit.

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