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Some Gay Sex Workers Are Selling ‘Sober Sex’ to Help Men Curtail Their Chemsex Habits

The latest item on some gay sex workers’ menus is “sober sex,” a combination of sex and therapy aimed at fighting unhealthy chemsex

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The Daily Sting, Wednesday: Trans Woman Beaten in ICE Custody, Homophobia in Soccer on the Rise

We now know that a trans woman was beaten while in American ICE custody, and homophobia in soccer in on the rise according to new data

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Wealthy Democratic Donor Ed Buck Will Not Be Indicted in the Death of Gemmel Moore

Though Buck was accused of supplying sex workers like Gemmel Moore with crystal meth, Buck will not be indicted in Moore’s death

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Katya Opens Up About Going to Rehab: ‘I Couldn’t Tell What Was Real’

Katya just opened up about her decision to leave drag and her experience in an interview on the new podcast ‘Whimsically Volatile’

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