The Daily Sting, Wednesday: Trans Woman Beaten in ICE Custody, Homophobia in Soccer on the Rise

The Daily Sting, Wednesday: Trans Woman Beaten in ICE Custody, Homophobia in Soccer on the Rise

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Here’s a look at the big gay headlines for today, Wednesday. Following an autopsy, we now know that a trans woman named Roxsana Hernández was beaten while in American ICE custody. And homophobia in soccer in on the rise according to new data.

In other news, Chile has officially recognized transgender rights by law, a Buddhist monk has been busted for gay chemsex parties inside his temple, and it’s looking like Cher isn’t too pleased with the new musical about her own life.

From ICE custody crimes to more homophobia in soccer, here are the day’s top headlines:

1. Autopsy Shows Trans Honduran Woman Was Beaten While in ICE Custody (News)

Roxsana Hernández, from Honduras, was taken into ICE custody on May 9, when she asked for asylum in America at a port of entry near San Diego, California. She was then housed in a unit for trans detainees, dying at a hospital on May 25. Earlier this week, the Transgender Law Center released the results of Hernández’s autopsy, which disclose “evidence of physical abuse” while in ICE custody, including bruising on her rib cage and contusions on her back. The autopsy report concludes the cause of her death was “most probably severe complications of dehydration superimposed upon HIV infection, with the probable presence of one or more opportunistic infections.” The Transgender Law Center has said it plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit in New Mexico.

2. Homophobia in Soccer Continues to Be on the Rise, Says New Data (Sports)

According to data released by Kick It Out, a U.K.-based group that fights for equality and inclusion in soccer (football as it’s more commonly known around the world), there were 111 reports of homophobia in soccer matches during the 2017-2018 season. That number is reportedly up 9% since the organization’s last report. The data also includes reporting on racist incidents (273 reports) and transphobic incidents (6 reports) during the same time period. “It is hugely disappointing to have to reveal, yet again, increasing levels of all forms of discriminatory abuse at football,” says Kick It Out chair Lord Ouseley, who also points out the sharp rise in hate crimes around the world.

3. Buddhist Monk Arrested for Gay Chemsex Parties Inside His Temple (Culture, News)

A Buddhist monk, 29, was arrested after he was caught smoking crystal meth and having gay sex parties inside multiple Taiwan temples. Police found drugs, condoms, porn (some of it starring the monk himself) and a bottle of “holy water” filled with lube. It’s reportedly a pattern for this particular monk, who had been expelled from Tongshan Temple for behavioral and religious discipline problems (including on-site sex parties) before being moved to Chongfo Temple, where he was arrested for the same. Video has been released of the monk, leading him to suggest a “smear campaign” by his fellow monks. He’s currently facing drug charges and was released on bail. Read more here.

4. Chile’s President Has Signed a Trans Rights Bill Into Law (News)

Yesterday saw Chilean President Sebastián Piñera sign a bill that allows trans people over 14 to legally change their name and gender, whether or not they’ve undergone surgery. Last September the bill was approved by the Chilean Congress, after having considered such a law since 2013. Some are crediting the film A Fantastic Woman, Chile’s Oscars entry (and winner) for Best Foreign Language Film, with renewing interest in passing the bill.

5. Cher Isn’t 100% Pleased With The Cher Show, Coming to Broadway Next Week (Theater)

“It needs work,” Cher said about The Cher Show — the musical about her life, which will officially open on Broadway next week — when asked about it back in June. “I’m not supposed to say that, but I don’t care.” Now, leading up to opening day, it seems the iconic pop diva still isn’t 100% happy with it. She recently told the Washington Post, “I have to tell you something. I think the cast is so talented. When I see them doing me and people that I’ve lived with and known, I’m astonished. I think the work they’re doing on it — as a play — I think it’s improving. I don’t think it’s soup yet, but it’s on its way.” Will you be seeing it?

What do you think about detainees being beaten in ICE custody? And are you surprised by the rise of homophobia in soccer?

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