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‘White Guys Only’: Here Are 7 Forms Sexual Racism Can Take Among Queer Men

The difference between racism and preference is that sexual racism reinforces oppression and racial supremacy, while sexual preference is about eroticism

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There Can Be No ‘Pride’ Without Racial Justice

Editor’s Note: This article on Pride Month amidst the fight for racial justice was penned by Jessica Stern, Executive Director of OutRight Action International, an NGO that addresses human rights violations and abuses against LGBTQ people. June is Pride Month. It’s usually a time filled with parades, protests, film festivals[…]

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Watch David Bowie Teach a Masterclass in Allyship 101

Amidst the important conversations we’re currently having about racism and allyship in this country, a 1983 interview between David Bowie and VJ Mark Goodman, where the two discuss the lack of Black artists on MTV, has recently resurfaced. Watch David Bowie in this clip below: thinking about this 1983 interview[…]

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It’s Time to Replace Confederate Statues with Dolly Parton

It’s not up for debate that Dolly Parton is a true Tennessee hero. From creating the Imagination Library, which gifts over one million children a book every month worldwide, to the My People Fund, which provided immediate cash assistance to families affected by the 2016 wildfires, Dolly has arguably done more[…]

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