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Here’s What QPOCs Hear When You Say ‘We Can’t Redesign the Pride Flag’

The new Pride flag is meant to address LGBT racism and transphobia in our community. So when you call it ‘ugly’ or ‘divisive,’ we hear something different

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‘Moffie’ Offers a Queer Take on the Brutality of 1980s South African Apartheid

Don’t let the simplicity of Moffie, the fourth film from queer South African filmmaker Oliver Hermanus, lead you to make pat assumptions. The story of Nicholas Van der Swart (Kai Luke Brümmer), based on the autobiographical book by André Carl van der Merwe, is a sly prism through which to view[…]

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Watch These QPOC Frankly Discuss the Racism They Encounter on Gay Apps

Many queer men of color experience racism on gay apps, so filmmaker Patrick Lee talked to 4 men of color about it and how we can make friendlier online spaces

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This Month Marks the 54th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Case that First Tackled Marriage Equality

This is the anniversary that the seminal case Loving v. Virginia was argued; that case legalized interracial marriage and led to same-sex marriage.

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