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Remember That Time Luigi Was Said to Be Promoting Lesbianism in a Video Game?

The Italian plumber was pegged as a supporter of lesbian rights due to his appearance in a 2003 video game

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Here’s Everything We Know About the Just-Announced Pokémon Games Coming to Nintendo

Announced today, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will be coming to the Nintendo Switch platform later this year

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In the Late 1980s, Nintendo Revealed That Super Mario Has an Uncircumcised Penis

Are you ready for some Super Mario penis? Well you better be, because one video game fan just dug up proof of Nintendo-approved genitals from an old manga

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Watch Macaulay Culkin Sit Down to Play Every Single ‘Home Alone’ Video Game

The actor joins YouTuber the Angry Video Game Nerd to revisit every Home Alone video game, from NES to Playstation

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