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Phallic Field Guide: The 12 Penises You’re Sure to Uncover in the Wild

Dicks come in all shapes and sizes, so here’s the 12 types of penis. Are you more into “banana,” “burrito” or a “Sia”? Find out here!

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25% of Men Who Shave Their Crotches Injure Themselves, But Here’s How to Avoid That

Manscpaing injuries are so common among men who shave their pubic regions that nearly one in four men hurt themselves, but you can easily avoid the hurt

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Yep, Gay Porn Is Important, and Here Are 4 Things This Professor Learned From Studying It

This Aussie professor has extensively studied the marketing of gay porn, discovering several eye-opening things in the process

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5 Complaints About Having a Giant Penis, According to the ‘Ridiculously Hung Bros’ of Reddit

Maybe having a huge penis isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be — from the well-endowed side of Reddit, we find out the downside of being hung

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