Tatianna Just Had a Deranged ‘Drag Race’ Fan Threaten to Throw Acid in Her Face

Tatianna Just Had a Deranged ‘Drag Race’ Fan Threaten to Throw Acid in Her Face

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Tatianna, the drag queen who competed in RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 and All Stars 2, recently had a Mexican Twitter user threaten to throw acid in her face if she appeared in an upcoming live show in Tijuana, Mexico, a border city just south of California. Fans and the show venue rallied in response to the Tatianna threat, exposing the person who issued the threat, getting him kicked off of Twitter and getting the Tijuana venue to promise increased security at her live show.

Tatianna is scheduled to appear alongside fellow Drag Race alum Adore Delano in a March 11 drag show at the Black Box Tijuana. In anticipation of that show, Tatianna has been sharing a promotional poster for the show on social media.

In response, a Twitter user named Bryan Banks published the following tweet (below) and tagged Tatianna along with Drag Race host RuPaul and former competitor Willam: “Among so many people it will be difficult to find the culprit. You do not know what I am capable of. I warned you to take care of yourself now. I’ll wait that night to burn your face with acid. You will not set foot in Tijuana again. Sweet dreams.”

Tatianna quoted his tweet in a now-deleted tweet to followers which read, “So this guy just threatened to throw acid in my face at the show in Tijuana. What exactly should I do about this?”

Many followers advised Tatianna to report Banks’ tweet to Twitter. Tatianna responded with the following tweet: “For everyone who said ‘report it’ ? that was the first thing I did. @Twitter responded to the report in like four minutes saying his tweets weren’t an issue. ? already alerted the venue and promoters.”

Banks’ profile that issued the threat linked to a Facebook profile belonging to someone named Bryan Corral who is seemingly a gay Drag Race fan. Tatianna’s fans have begun leaving angry comments on Corral’s Facebook page in response to the threat. Twitter has since suspended Banks’ account.

Other fans claimed to have contacted Black Box Tijuana to make them aware of the threat. The venue reportedly said that they’d alerted police and will have added security, bag checks and identification checks the night of the show to minimize any threat.

For Tatianna to have to put up with this crap after being wrongly eliminated in All Stars 2 by RoLaskaTox is BS. Give a talented queen some respect. Just sayin’.


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