#ThisWeekInThirst: Pit Smells, Twerking Hunks and the Shirtless Pizza King

#ThisWeekInThirst: Pit Smells, Twerking Hunks and the Shirtless Pizza King

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Another week goes by. Another week full of thirst-driven content. From Olly Alexander’s jockstrap-fueled photo shoot to a sex story that will leave you gagging, literally; and music videos from Cazwell and Big Dipper full of twerking hunks and furry daddies, here’s #ThisWeekInThirst.

Click on the titles below for the full story, and enjoy this thirst roundup!

Jim Parsons and Olly Alexander Dish in the Colorful Last Issue of the Gay Dating Magazine ‘Hello Mr.’

“From the start, Hello Mr. was a space to understand each other better through a deeper understanding of ourselves.” Fitzgibbon says. “This exposure to possibility and of new discoveries has always been the magic of Hello Mr.


Big Dipper’s Latest Music Video Will Fulfill All Your Daddy Bear Fantasy (With Some Solid Tunes)

Yas, Daddy.

This Guy had to go to ER After a 10-inch Dick Ruptured his Airway



This Frequently Topless Guy Built His Own Chair Out of Pizza Boxes

Is there really a better throne out there?


#FollowFriday, July 13: You Should Be Following These 5 Performers, Visual Artists, and Paleontologists

Get to followin’ folks!


#ThirstThrowback: ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Has Been Reimagined With Hot, Burly Bears

An oldie but a goodie.


R.I.P. Tab Hunter, One of Our Favorite Sex Symbols From the Golden Age of Hollywood

“He was one of the biggest stars in the Golden Age of Hollywood, but he long had to hide his homosexuality. This was sadly common at the time — Rock Hudson was another heart-throb who spent the majority of his life in the closet.”


Our Dermatologists Explain Everything You Need to Know About Armpit Sweat, Smells and Stains

“Odor alone doesn’t indicate uncleanliness.”


Cazwell’s New Music Video ‘Cakes’ Is Full of Twerking Hunks and Raw Queer Sexuality

Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake.


This Gay Disabled Man is Raising Money to Develop Sex Toys for People with Physical Disabilities

“Sexual pleasure is a fundamental part of being human – some would even say it’s a right,” Gurza says. “While able-bodied people can fulfill this need quite easily on their own, this isn’t the case for people with disabilities (and limited mobility).


Olly Alexander Wears Jockstraps for Candid Interview with Paper

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without all the gay artists that have come before us and broken down so many barriers. But barriers aren’t gone.”

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