#FollowFriday, July 13: You Should Be Following These 5 Performers, Visual Artists and Paleontologists

#FollowFriday, July 13: You Should Be Following These 5 Performers, Visual Artists and Paleontologists

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From fossil-hunting in the mountains of North America to singing in toilets in underground clubs in Berlin, this week’s fabulous five LGBTQ+ Instagrammers could hardly be more diverse or fabulous. Follow them, enjoy them and we hope they inspire you to make yourself scroll-worthy, whatever your passion is in life.

1. @therealhousewivesofneukolln

We’ve been curious to see the ‘trash drag’ collective, The Real Housewives of Neukölln, in action since discovering them online a few months ago. They started Season 3 of their cabaret-style, immersive theatre, comedy musical show (yes, that’s a lot of concepts, but it totally works), and we were blown away by the hilarity, absurdity and general feel-good community atmosphere of the crowd. Every night out should be this much fun.

Their Instagram will give you a glimpse of Berlin’s underground queer community, with the gang appearing in and performing everywhere from art institutions to, well, club toilets.

They’re some of the most wonderfully random and unique group of performers you’re likely to come across. Almost nothing off limits in their rewrites of pop songs and musical theatre mash-ups. Last week, the theme was Medieval Hoes, with songs about burning witches and emptying chamber pots. Next week is Kids’ TV. God help us all.

2. @bayou_chepi

Swoon alert! If you’re a fan of dinosaurs, fossils, hikes, nature and handsome men, you might need to have a seat before you start scrolling through Bretton Carter’s Instagram feed. He’s Native Wampanoag and Scottish, and an artist, paleontologist and business owner.

We can see a dash of a 21st century Indiana Jones in there somewhere, and we can’t wait to see what he gets up to on his next adventure.

He’ll inspire you to head out into nature, hike, walk and keep your eyes peeled for treasures in all forms, shapes and sizes. Bretton, if you need an assistant, you know who to call!

3. @gray_sandy

Grasan Kingsberry is an actor, singer, dancer and teacher from North Carolina. He’s just moved to Los Angeles following a fabulous chapter full of experiences and performances in New York City, and we wish him all he best on his new adventure.

He’s appeared in 11 Broadway productions, and was most recently in the Tony Award-winning (for best revival) Once On This Island. He’ll light up your Insta with his mixture of heart-warming personal shots and behind-the-scenes encounters in the theater world. His pictures on- and offstage will inspire you to follow your dreams with a smile.

He was featured in the Tony, Grammy, and Emmy Award-winning (for best revival)  production of The Color Purple, reprising the role he created in its original Broadway production. His boyfriend @kylekleiboeker is gorgeous too, and the two of them together just look fabulous.

4. @tristorblue

Tristor Blue is a Helsinki-based artist and illustrator who explores the naked male form and masculine aesthetics through his colourful pieces.

We’ve seen a few of his ‘Instagram live’ drawings, and the way he builds his images through a process of high-contrast brush-pen drawings — with bold strokes and vector illustration — is a magical (and relaxing) sight to behold.

You’re going to love his erotic, sensual and sometimes explicit illustrations that come in the form of superheroes, tattoos or semi-abstract patterns. He’s an active Instagrammer and works with guys from all around the world.

He says:

“The Tristor project started as a personal expedition aiming to find a fragile and sensual side of masculine beauty. Tristor is the latin word for ‘I am grieved’. The idea of being proud and confident is essential in gay culture, but often many of us gay men start our journey from place of sadness and melancholy.”

5. @issumtingwong

Sum Ting Wong is an award-winning London-based drag queen, host and singer, renowned for her warm persona, dazzling stage presence and fierce makeup.

She says:

“My heritage is a mix of Vietnamese and Chinese and I hold that dearly as part of me — but weirdly enough — only since I started doing drag. I think in our recent climate with Trump and the Alt-Right it’s really important to be a proud queer POC and drag helps me be unashamedly gay and in people’s faces, as an act of defiance.

“I draw inspiration from my mix of cultures, the traditional clothing, the outfits and then hyper-feminize them to make my own unique brand. My makeup style also stems from that, as I try to paint to look like a hyper-beautiful woman! Some people say I look like my mom, which is an insult to my mom!”

Sum Ting Wong’s main passion is singing. As a small kid, her parents always sang karaoke in the living room. “Singing has always been part of my life, and I like to share my passion with everyone, but dressed as a lady!”

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