This Frequently Topless Guy Built His Own Chair Out of Pizza Boxes

This Frequently Topless Guy Built His Own Chair Out of Pizza Boxes

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One of the worst things about getting your own apartment is having to furnish it. Furniture is expensive and heavy; you can break your back as well as your bank account. But not if you’re like Louis, a French student. He works at a pizza restaurant and has been saving boxes for his masterpiece — a pizza box chair.

Louis revealed his pizza box chair to the world via Twitter this Sunday. It must have been a hot day in his hometown of Grenoble, as in all the pictures showing off the chair, Louis isn’t wearing a shirt — just trunks. (With how hot it’s been in the States lately, we can definitely relate.)

He wrote “After a year of saving pizza boxes, I’ve finally fulfilled my dream. A functional pizza box chair.” His tweet soon went viral — so far, over 6,000 people have retweeted him, and we can understand why: shirtlessness and ingenuity? Sign us up!

Louis told Buzzfeed his secret — that he’s stacked the boxes vertically and glued them together for extra strength. He says he used about 30 boxes, but three of the boxes are useless and he needs eight more to perfect the pizza box chair.

Louis admits he’s not the first to come up with a pizza box chair. We even found a video of a pizza box living room ensemble from 2014, though in that case, it was more about covering the metal supports with pizza boxes. In Louis’s pizza box chair, it looks like there’s nothing using except boxes and glue. Louis says his design is completely original.

Not only is Louis’s pizza box chair a creative way to recycle, it’s also very light — so whenever he has to move, it should be easy to transport the chair to his new digs.

Better still — it’s a loveseat, so when he inevitably woos someone with his shirtless engineering skills, it’ll be the perfect place for make-outs.

Are you going to build your own pizza box chair?

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