The All Stars Chop: The Second Queen to Go Talks Reality TV Editing and a Witchy Gay Icon

The All Stars Chop: The Second Queen to Go Talks Reality TV Editing and a Witchy Gay Icon

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We’ve only hit episode two of this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3, and there’s no shortage of drama. The elimination of Thorgy Thor has proven to be beyond controversial, and the “Thorgeous” one herself had plenty to say. From her feelings on the recent elimination and getting in her own head to editing in reality television, here is our Thorgy Thor All Stars 3 exit interview.

What made you go back to do RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 after what many would consider a successful showing on Season 8?

I auditioned eight years in a row for the show. I just thought that working in clubs was not enough for me, and I wanted more for myself. I got on for Season 8, I did really well, and I was very proud of myself; I don’t regret a single thing from my season. Then I got off the show, I worked a whole bunch, then they called me and asked me to come back for All Stars. Why would I say no? I really had a blast the first time, so why say no?

When you hit the workroom for the first time for All Stars was there anyone you were surprised you didn’t see?

I really thought Valentina was going to come back. I really thought she would be there for some reason, at least for a redemption.

How do you think you came across during your All Stars tenure?

I think I came across as how I am: an artistic, erratic perfectionist who gets in their head. I always have been, and I never apologized for it. I never actually thought it was a bad thing until I got on the show and everyone told me it was a bad thing, so thanks a lot, guys! [Laughs]

What in particular did they tell you was bad?

Well, you know, watching it on television and having everyone around me saying that I worry too much, and I’m sitting here like, “Well, you don’t worry at all and you look like crap. I look impeccable!” That’s how I felt, at least. I’m glad I worried about it, though, because now I can have fun because I know how good I looked.

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On television I guess you just have to be a big bullshit artist, and that’s why I love Shangela. When the cameras are on, she knows how to do it, and she’s a great bullshit artist. She can talk herself out of any situation. I am always in awe of that, because I am always in my head trying to be the best that I can. Here’s the thing, though — when you are given something already written, ascribed to you and choreographed for you by other people, and then you are judged and eliminated based on that and only that, when you have no control over it, it kind of is upsetting. It’s frustrating.

From your perspective, you didn’t have control over the situation.

I didn’t have any control over it. I didn’t write that song. I also didn’t sandwich myself between two very funny numbers, which were Shangela [as Mariah Carey] and Ben DeLaCreme [as Julie Andrews]. I actually called her out during the first five minutes of the episode, and I’m really glad they included that in the episode, because it made me look not crazy. It made me look correct, because it was exactly what ended up happening.

You don’t feel the elimination was fair.

Absolutely not. I don’t blame Shangela, though. I blame the “wheels that were turning,” to be honest. I got written a shitty track, and then they edited me saying that Stevie Nicks wasn’t a gay icon, but if you actually see the edit, that isn’t what I said at all. It made me look like an idiot, and I thought it really would’ve pissed off Stevie, and it was actually my number one goal to really do her well.

What I actually said was that Stevie Nicks is not a gay icon in the context of a drag competition show next to these very strong stereotypical women. In the context of that kind of a show, she was not going to win next to them. It was definitely a little embarrassing to watch me say that.

It’s difficult when a queen comes off a season they’re not happy with or are frustrated by. What keeps you inspired and moving forward on a daily basis?

Um, vodka. [Laughs] I have always thought drag was fun, and it still is. I’m not heartbroken. I think I looked great. I watched it and said, “Hey, I didn’t fuck up!” I didn’t look bad, and I wasn’t wrong, but then I was eliminated.

I also kind of put a lot of faith in the fans of the show that if you just do your best, the truth will come to the surface and people will see that. I noticed that a lot of people online were seeing that and saying they were rooting for me and now saying that I was robbed or I was set up.

You know what? I think they should keep talking, because that’s exactly how I feel, but I can’t sit there and say it. I need other people to say it. If that’s how they felt, that’s how they’ll see it. Trust me, I’m fine.


RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars airs Thursday nights on VH1.

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