Slick It Up Unveils All-New Line of Tom of Finland Swimwear

Slick It Up Unveils All-New Line of Tom of Finland Swimwear

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“When the Tom of Finland Foundation asked us to do a collaboration, we were super honored,” says David Mason, founder of Slick it Up, a label well-known for its sexy, slinky fetish gear. His company has long offered streetwear and underwear for a mostly queer clientele, but his latest announcement concerns limited-edition pieces of Tom of Finland swimwear, created in conjunction with the iconic gay artist’s namesake foundation.

“I have been inspired by Tom of Finland since I was a teen,” Mason says, also recalling time spent at CalArts, where he says he fused He-Man and G.I. Joe imagery with the work of Tom of Finland. “Now, decades later, Tom of Finland has come to us to fuse our vision with his, so it’s really full circle for me and wonderful.”

In the past we’ve seen Tom of Finland’s classic black-and-white drawings adorn everything from duvets and aprons to skateboards and, most recently, sneakers. But whereas many past collaborations were mere vehicles for presenting the Finnish artist’s iconic work on new canvases, this line of Tom of Finland swimwear does something new. Namely, it infuses these famed images — long synonymous with the ultra-serious kink and leather scenes — with the playful side of sex that has long been Slick it Up’s calling card.

And that was intentional, as Mason tells Hornet. “We’re attempting to bring his work to a new audience for greater understanding of both of our work,” he says.

View Slick It Up’s collection of Tom of Finland swimwear here:

And for those seeking more than Tom of Finland swimwear to add a sexy touch to the summer months, Mason tells Hornet there’s also an upcoming T-shirt line on the way.

“The T-shirt line will be 10 different designs that use Tom’s artwork in a way that makes it fresh and appealing and in some cases fuses his work with our work, bridging the two worlds,” he says. “It’s a way for all types of people to gain a greater understanding of both Tom’s vision and ours, and their place in between these worlds.”

Hornet will be the first to let you know when the T-shirt line becomes available, so stay tuned!

Find more info on Slick It Up’s Tom of Finland swimwear collection, which runs $64–$84, here.

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