Hornet Users Said These Were the Decade’s Top LGBTQ Pop Culture & News Moments

Hornet Users Said These Were the Decade’s Top LGBTQ Pop Culture & News Moments

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Now that we’ve officially crossed the threshold into a brand-new decade (see ya, 2010s), we have the rare opportunity to look back at the previous 10 years and contemplate what were the most exciting, important, groundbreaking, top pop culture moments to take place. And who better to rank those moments than Hornet users, queer men from around the globe?

Back in December we asked the guys of Hornet to vote on which moments — some news stories, some entertainment related, some cultural happenings — were their favorite of the 2010s. They let us know, and we racked up votes from thousands of guys worldwide.

Here are the top pop culture moments of the 2010s, as voted on by Hornet users:

12. Broad City puts “Yas Queen” in the mainstream (2015)

Ilana and Abby are gay rights. Yas queen!

11. Merriam-Webster adds ‘ genderqueer’ to the dictionary (2016)

Times they are a’changing.

10. “It Gets Better” goes viral (2010)

‘Memba all these videos??

9. Caitlyn Jenner covers Vanity Fair (2015)

She’s no shining example for the trans community, but this was huge nonetheless.

8. Pope Francis makes the cover of The Advocate for being the most lenient pope yet (2013)

His track record on LGBTQ is far from perfect, but what a change!

7. The X-Men’s Iceman is gay! (2012)

One of us! One of us!

6. The world rallies around Orlando after the Pulse Massacre (2016)

A bittersweet moment: We saw such love and support in the face of total devastation.

5. World Pride NYC 2019 / Stonewall at 50 (2019)

Wow — 50 years since that brick was thrown!

4. Tim Cook comes out and is the first openly gay CEO on the Fortune 500 list (2014)

Not a bad list to be on.

3. Conchita Wurst wins Eurovision (2014)

Eurovision hasn’t been the same since this bearded lady came through.

2. Taiwan becomes the first Asian country to legalize gay marriage (2019)

The utter joy in Taiwan following the landmark decision was palpable.

1. The U.S. Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage (2015)

An amazing step forward in America’s fight for LGBTQ civil rights!

What were your top pop culture moments of the 2010s? Do you agree with these Hornet users?

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