The Top-Rated Pride Parade in the United States Is Actually Not New York City’s

The Top-Rated Pride Parade in the United States Is Actually Not New York City’s

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Pride parades are undoubtedly one of the highlights of June. While the entire month is packed with parties, events and activism, for most of us, the cherry on top is the parade. But say you could choose any Pride parade, anywhere in the country, to go to. Which would you choose? Have you ever wondered which city has the top-rated Pride parade?

If you ask (which aims to help folks easily shop for home services, like high-speed internet providers and home security, and compare prices) and its recently published report on Pride event rankings, it thinks you may just be surprised.

By asking over 1,000 previous attendees of Pride parades, it discovered the top-rated Pride parade in the USA is Washington, D.C.’s. Maybe part of that has to do with the fact that while 4.5% of the American population identifies as LGBTQ+, more than double that percentage (9.8%) of D.C. residents identify as such.

Here’s how their top-rated Pride parade rankings came out. As you can see, it was a close call:

That wasn’t all found, however.

When asked “If you had to pick just one city to attend your next Pride event in, which one would it be?” participants overwhelmingly chose NYC, proving the lasting, legendary impact of the birthplace of Pride. (Los Angeles and San Francisco came in second and third, respectively.)

Around 2 million people attend the NYC Pride festivities annually, making it the biggest Pride parade in the country.

Survey respondents also weighed in on their favorite Pride events, with live music being the top choice, followed closely by parades, parties and family-friendly activities. Political activism, art exhibits and celebrity attendance rounded out the list.

You can read the whole report here. Not only is it interesting to see what reportedly draws LGBTQ people to these events, but the rankings listed are also a great reminder of everything the month of June has to offer.

Are you surprised to find out that Washington D.C. has the top-rated Pride parade? If you could go to any one Pride, which city would you choose?

Photo at top: Destination D.C.

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