Five Days Later, Gay Porn Actor Topher DiMaggio Responds to Rape Allegations Made by Co-Star

Five Days Later, Gay Porn Actor Topher DiMaggio Responds to Rape Allegations Made by Co-Star

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Five days after being accused of rape by fellow adult film actor Tegan Zayne, gay porn star Topher DiMaggio has denied Zayne’s claims. In his defense (which was partly plagiarized from Russell Simmons’ rape denial statement issued to The New York Times), DiMaggio called his sexual interaction with Zayne “consensual and willing,” mentioned that Zayne never said “no” and said that Zayne accused him of rape because DiMaggio didn’t want a relationship and wasn’t “friendly enough” after their hookup.

In his (since deleted) statement that included screenshots from Zayne’s Twitter account, DiMaggio wrote (link NSFW):

I vehemently deny all these allegations. These horrific accusations have shocked me to my core. All of my relations with this person have been consensual and willing.

The current accusations against me (later states, he’s not accusing me, see screenshot below) range from the patently untrue to hurtful. Also, stating he WILLINGLY had sex with me (see screenshot below). Furthermore, he never said “no.” I’m hurt by these false accusations and slanderous statements that are simply not true. The presumption of “innocent until proven guilty” must not be replaced by “guilty by association.”

Not wanting to further a relationship or not being friendly enough after having consensual sex doesn’t give the other person who had different expectations of a romance the right to accuse someone of something so awful.

Rape is a very serious thing and not a word to be thrown around. To all my friends and followers, please see this opportunity to open a health dialogue and not as an opportunity to attack or belittle anyone.

Thank you for all your love and support,
Topher DiMaggio

Zachary Sire — editor of the gay porn gossip site, Str8UpGayPorn (link NSFW) — pointed out that Zayne’s tweet about gay men being vulnerable to “seeking romance with attractive fit men” wasn’t about DiMaggio at all but came from a tweet referencing Zayne’s relationship with another person entirely.

DiMaggio also apparently plagiarized parts of his defense statement from hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons’ statement denying rape allegations issued last month to The New York Times.

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